Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haitian Artwork!!!

Help support Haitian artist and help me raise funds for my adoption by purchasing some of this awesome artwork!! 

I have many more words such as love, teach, believe, life, live, dream, family, hope, hockey, home, eat, drink, cheers, laugh, blessings, welcome, and memories. Also have larger crosses available too!! Will post pictures soon. 

Let me know if your interested!! 

P.S. Cute little boy and headlamp are not included! ;) 


  1. Jessica...I live in Haiti as well. Do you have any other "verses" besides the one shown above?

    1. Ashlee
      I also have the verse; these 3 remain faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love. 1 cor 13:13. I will try to post a photo on here soon!

      Where are you living in Haiti?

  2. Jessica....I was so excited when I read about your adoption. As I am sure Wade has shared with you, adoption has been a huge part of our family story. I just "bought" a few puzzle pieces and hope to buy more later. I am praying for you and your child.

    barb H.

    1. Hello Barb,
      Thank you so much for you support and buying the puzzle pieces! It is such a blessing. Thank you so much for your prayers and continued support on this journey. I understand that you know the process of adoption quite well! ;) It is such joy to be starting this process! Can't wait to see where God is leading! Thanks again for everything!