Tuesday, May 14, 2013

maybe I'm not cut out to be a mom quit yet....

Maybe I’m not cut out to be a mom quit yet…Let me explain….

Here I am sitting in the missionary house just little ol’ me enjoying the evening to myself--this rarely happens!! The rain is lightly coming down and I’m listening to some music and writing a very important email to try to get some chiropractors to come down to Haiti to do some adjustments, when all of a sudden I heard a loud pop! It sounded like it was right outside the house. Immediately I think gun shot but then second guess myself and think really could it be that..? Then I think again, totally psyching myself out, I’m in Haiti why couldn’t it be!!

I scurry into the bathroom and realize that the window was open…I think to myself oh no they will be able to see me and hear me. I stand there for several minutes in a panic and call Josue, but not wanting to talk too loud. In a trembling voice I tell him I just heard a loud pop I don’t know what it was. He asked me if it was a gun shot. I say yes, well I don’t know, I don’t really know what a gun shot sounds like. He told me to hold on and he would call some people up here at Grace Village. I was thankful because I didn’t want to talk in fear that someone would hear me. 

I said a quick prayer when I got off the phone with him and was continuing to freak out and play ever horrible scenario through in my head. I would occasionally peak out the window and see if anyone was there or if I could hear them walking in the rocks….nothing. Ugh! What was going on!!

I called Rubinson who was staying up here and I told him he need to come over to the house because I heard something and was scared. He said really right now? Well YES RIGHT NOW!!! I told him. So I head into the hallway knowing that he were coming soon. I heard what I thought was some one rattling our front gate. I call him back and ask him are you at our front door? He says ‘no’….UGH!! Really well than what the heck is that noise!!?! I stand there frozen in fear and then I hear him and Jores calling through the window. Thank Heavens!!!

Are you ready for this.....

As I start walking down the hall I see a flicker of light out of the corner of my eye in the kitchen…you see several hours before this little scenario played out I put 6 eggs on the stove to hard boil them (trying to be healthy and get my protein in) ;) and apparently my mind went else where and forgot all about them!

I go to the door and I tell them….oh my goodness I was so scared I heard a loud pop and didn’t know what it was but as I was walking to the door I realized I had left 6 eggs cooking on the stove for a looooong time!! But now there are only 5 eggs in the pot---and no more water---because that 6th egg had exploded and gone all over the kitchen and apparently made a very loud POP sound!!!


My poor children….1st of all their mother has a horrible memory, 2nd off all she apparently can’t cook, 3rd she is a scaredy cat!!! J I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of family and friends supporting me on this journey!! Hehe!!


ok...I'm going to try to relax now....I would add a photo of the eggs but that would mean I would have to walk back out to the kitchen to do that and I think I'd rather stay here in my bed and not venture out there...maybe in the morning! ;) 

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    I have an adoption fundraising idea I'd like to share with you. Could you email me at mlee@coupaide.com?


    Matthew Lee