Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oops...been awhile :/ school is off to great start!!

A blog started at the beginning of October...yikes!!! Today I finshed it!! I don't have as many photos though because unfortunately my computer crashed on me. :/ such is life around here! :)

Things have been so busy around Grave Village!! 

In the beginng of October school started!!! We were scrabbling to make sure all 53 kids uniforms fit, had shoes, hair accessories, belts and all the other little things children in Haiti need to go to school...and we made it!!! :)

Look these beautiful little girls all ready to go!!!!

Such a blessing to provide education to this children in hopes to overcome poverty and have a better future!! 

As the school year has taken off it has been so fun to see all the kids in their purple uniforms coming up from Titanyen and going to school! The playground is filled every morning with the kids dressed in their beautiful uniforms! I love it! Then to see them all lined up on the basketball court singing and praying before they walk off to their class room in a single file line by grade! 

Another great thing about the school year is the Friday morning prayer and worship time! Every Friday morning the begin the day by singing praises to The Lord, hearing a little message from Pastor Wesley and praying! What a great way to start a Friday!! 

We also now have a beautiful new clinic!!! So that means everything had to be set up in this beautiful new clinic! We have had a great team here helping set it all up and getting it ready for patients!! Our staff and students are so thankful for this blessing!

We truly are blessed here at Grace Village and we give thanks for that!! 

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