Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Minnesota Life

A long overdue blog update....Minnesota life has been BUSY!! (and cold!!) ;) I can honestly say that I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions since I've been here. I've loved it but I've also missed dearly the people I love so dearly in Haiti. I have had the opportunity to have some quality time with my loved ones and spent many hours networking and connecting with others who God has put in my path. 
Enjoy a snap shot blog of life in MN :) 

A field trip to Como Zoo with the girls!! : ) Despite the cold it was a great day!! 
Hanging out with this little stinker! 
Going through old drawers and having to give a
lesson on what this actually was!! :)
Whoop there it is! 

Seeing my Murphy!!! 

Of course I still feel the need to show off my basketball skills...I'm not sure how many I have left anymore! ;) 
Birthday dinner for dad! 

Skyping with this handsome little fellow was always a day brightener!!!

Spending time watching another handsome fellow playing his guitar at church, for his grandma's birthday at a nursing home, and laying some tracks down in the studio!! You can check out one of his songs he wrote while in Haiti that he is working on recording or make a donation to make this dream a reality here!

Enjoyed a few meals entailing foods such as this! :) 

Enjoyed a fun day at the MOA with this cool dude for the end of the school year!


Putting contest at Golf Gaxay...I was so
close to winning it all!! :) 

Coffee dates and hanging out with this guy is always a good time and puts smile on my face!!! 

Taking the time to help others in need by doing some
yard for them!
Giving back makes for a happy heart!!


Somebody celebrated their 17th birthday!!! 


Impromptu lunch date at Potbelly!!
The perks of running errands with your favorite aunt!! ;) 

Spending weekends doing art shows to try to sell all this Hand Made Haitian metal art to support my mission work and employ Haitians!

Spending time at the neighbors pool enjoying warm weather and fun time with all the kiddos! 

Barbecues and nice summer nights! 
Watching this little rock star rule the soccer field! 

Special Olympics softball champ! 


Movie star in the making! Enjoyed watching this handsome fellow steal the show in his school play! :) 

Two of my most favorite ladies in the whole world! So Blessed to have them in my life! 

The three amigos back together again...life is good! 

Time with Grandpa! 

More amazing ladies in my life that I am so thankful for!! 

Feed My Starving Children!! :) 

2nd place at the track meet!! 

Love my murphy dog!! 

Birthday Breakfast for this 12 year old stud!! 

Even made it for lunch and to watch a soccer game for another handsome 12 year old!! 
Feeling the love in MN!

It has been so wonderful to have time in MN with family and friends! I am truly blessed beyond measure for all the love and support!
 It's about time to head back to my other home....Haiti and continue to love, serve and further HIS kingdom! 

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