Saturday, November 3, 2012

A bag of food..

Another great day of serving our elderly!! Today the kids were the hands and feet. They went out and deliver food and prayed over each of our elderly. It's amazing the joy that one bag of food can bring and the presence our children; the elderly just light up with joy when the children come to see them!  
All packed up and ready to go!! 

Marie especially lights up!! She had all the little girls sit on her lap and wanted a photo with each one of them! Every time the little ones come to visit her she
just love to have them sit on her lap and snuggle into her!
She really is a wonderful Grandma! 

He made sure to tell us about his goats and that    they were out eating! :) 

Working on his muscles! These bags were not light!!

Laying hands and praying...such a
powerful thing! 

Serving with such joyful hearts!! :) 

It was such a joy to be able to see and hear our kids pray over each of our elderly. They were truly a blessing each elderly today! May they continue serve others with a joyful heart! 

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