Friday, November 2, 2012

The joy of two goats

Ofane, one of the men in our elderly program, always has a smile on his face despite suffering from leprosy. He comes up every couple of days to get some medical needs taken care of. He has a big open wound on his foot from leprosy that needs to be cleaned and bandaged. You would not know this by looking at him because he is always smiling and is able to walk and do just about anything even despite having this big open wound. Every time he comes up to Grace Village he greats us with a big old hug and he is sure to do a little dance and tell us how happy he is to see us. He also says a few other things in Creole which I have no idea what they mean but I just smile and dance and tell him I don't understand and then he just laughs and dances. Life is good! 

Ofane had been praying for asking for some goats to take care in the last month or so. He said he would really like to have some goats to take care of and to give him something to do and to be responsible for. Can you imagine everyday not having anything to do and feeling like you didn't have a purpose in this life? This is how Ofane told me he felt one day. 
After a few discussions about what it would mean to care for goats and making sure they have food and water, we decided that he would be an excellent man to bless with two goats. After all, this is something that he used to do before and he knew all about it! He even told me that it is very important that they do not get water in their ears. :) I'm not sure why or if this is true or just one of those things that happens just in Haiti but I said, 'Ok, well you better make sure they don't get water in their ears!' :)

Today this team was a blessing to Ofane and presented him with 2 goats, Adam and Eve. :) He was beyond happy and thankful for these goats. I told him he had a big job to do now and he was 100% ready to take it on.  

He had to come up to Grace Village today to get his bandages changed and when he was up there he was so excited to get back and get Adam and Eve some food and water! :) 

Please pray for Ofane and his new goats, Adam and Eve. Pray that he will be able to take good care of them and they will give him some purpose in life. Pray that the goats will be healthy and prosperous. Pray that no one will steal these goats from him but that they will be safe and sound with him for many years and have lots of little babies! 

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