Friday, March 1, 2013

worst blogger ever! ;)

I could be the worst blogger out there! ;) Or maybe I could say that I'm too busy doing the work God has placed before me but too lazy to share it with everyone! ;) Either way God is doing amazing things and I am going to do my best to fill you in on some of the amazing things God has been doing lately!

Thankful for Sarah Young and here daily words of wisdom that always seem so fitting...

Well where to begin....I made a surprise visit home at the beginning of February! I was welcomed home by the Olimb family who were great at keeping my visit a secret! :) I was greeted with a sweet sign....

And a wonderful box of chocolates and not to mention the big bag of peanut m & m's at the airport....Karla know's me too well! :) 

I made it home the night before the Sweetheart Ball ( a fundraiser for Healing Haiti) with the help of my brother I was able to surprise my whole family! 

It was such a joy to surprise my didn't work out quite as planned but she noticed me as she was coming up the escalator...the slowness of the escalator and seeing tears of joy streaming down her face made it seem like forever to give her a big hug! !! She took a whole week off and came to stay in the cities at my sisters house and was a life saver letting me use her car and cell phone! Its always such a strange feeling to go back to the states and feel so disconnected! 

Nothing like having all three siblings together at an event that means so much to me and supports a place that is so near and dear to my heart! :) 

My dear friend Karla!!! So blessed to have her and her family in my life! She's like a second sister to me! And a big part in making my surprise visit home possible!! 

Mr. Jean here in Minnesota!!! Jean is the man in charge here in Haiti! He was also the man of the night on the dance floor! For those of you who do not know Jean he is the dancing queen and loves to take teams out salsa dancing when they come to Haiti! 

Such a blessing to see these beautiful ladies! They have been such a blessing in my life and been so influential in my journey! The last time we were all together was when they were in Haiti!

Even got to spend some quality time with this good looking guy! ;)  Even though we've been miles apart for the last 7 months we've stuck by each other and supported each other through all that life throws at us! Only with God can we do anything!

I got lots of cuddle time with this sweet little guy too!! I kinda forgot how much I love snuggling up with him and the joy and comfort that he brings!  

Of course I made it too this little studs hockey game to cheer him on! I also was able to go to his class and share my joy of Haiti with them! 

Little miss Annabel! Spent the afternoon in her class helping out for their Valentines day party! So great to be able join in the fun!  

This little lady turned 5 while I was home!! She is getting so big! On her birthday we went and got our nails done, had lunch at noodles, and a dinner at Snuffy's! 

With her furry vest you can hardly tell where Murphy ends and she begins! :) Her and Murphy are BFF for sure! 

This scene was definetly a beautiful one but by the end of my two weeks I was ready for some warmth and sunshine again! I know I'm a Minnesotan girl but I've always been a freezing cold Minnesotan girl in the winter this time I was beyond freezing!! :)

A big reason for my visit home was to get some paperwork done for my adoption process. All in I got a lot done but was not able to finish it all. Thankful for my dear friend Anne who is going to help me on the stateside to finish things up! All in God's timing in this whole process I have to keep reminding myself! 

I was excited to return to Haiti and see all the kids and catch up on everything that was going on and of course getting back to the warm weather!! 

Who would have thought that having some string cheese in Haiti would be such a treat!! It was more than delicious! Bringing cheese and honey crisp apples back have really hit the spot! 

Through a generous donor we were able to bless Marie with new mattress, blanket and pillow. She was beyond happy and of course gave all the praise and glory to God. 

Hugs all around. Marie has a heart and a spirit about her that shines Jesus whenever I see here! She told me that she prayed we would come visit her that day! ;) 

Her grandson was there to help clear all of her old stuff out and put it in a bin to burn it. He is 14 years old and isn't going to school because he can't afford it. He is so sweet to his grandma and has helped her out many times when I've been there. I am hoping we can get him into the school at Grace Village! 

 Can't wait to find out how she has been sleeping! :) 

We've been working on making sure that we are exercising! ;) Can't say that we are the best yoga students but laughing is always a good workout for the tummy! :) 

We celebrated birthday's for the month of January and February. The children were each given a card and $5 and were able to go into Port au Prince to buy whatever they wanted!! 
They were so excited to go to the big market--aka grocery store! ;) 

 When they returned we had a little birthday part at our house for them! They all got to enjoy their treats and hangout with us and some of the guardians! The other kids can't wait for their birthday month! 

We've been enjoying lots of time on the basketball court and showing these kids what this girl can do! Ha...not quite as stellar as I used to be that's for sure! But it's a great way to interact with the kids!

The little boys being goofy and enjoying their Saturday hanging out and showing off the things they made when the team was here. 

This sweet little peanut got to go home to live with her family! She was so excited to see her daddy! We miss her and her fun little spirit greatly but are so happy that she is with her family! 
We aren't quite sure who donated this shirt but we are working on making sure that they know we are not a fan of the green bay packers! ;)  (Ps thank you for your generous donation) :)

We are blessed to be able to continue to love on our elderly and be blessed by all the joy and smiles that they give us in return! All glory to God! 

 Pastor Wesley continues to lead us spiritually. He is always guiding and teaching our children and being a light in the community! We are so blessed to have him! 

All in all life is good and we are blessed. We stay busy with the day to day and trying to manage life at Grace Village. Each day is filled with trials, joys, smiles, love and prayer! 

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