Wednesday, March 27, 2013

new additions to our family :)

We have had lots of stuff happening here at Grace Village!! But best of all we are blessed to be able to provide a new home for two children. 

Meet Elisena 

Elisena is as sweet as they come. When I first met her she greeted me with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. She was all smiles and seemed so excited to be coming with us. When we were in the truck on our way to Dr. Sem's to get the kids checked out the tears came streaming down her face. With a few extra hugs and kisses she seemed to be comforted and excited to see her new home. The girls welcomed her in with loving arms and were so eager to show her all around. Momma Guerda stepped right in and showed her how the showers and toilets work and where her brand new bed was. She was all smiles and so excited to be home!  



He is a lively little boy with a gentle heart. When we first got there to pick him up he was very sad. His grandma was there with him and he was holding a picture of his dad and his aunt. Naturally he was very timid around me and not really sure what to think. But I knew that all changed when we were in the truck. We were sitting in the backseat of the truck and out of nowhere he leaned into me. My heart sank a little bit knowing this boy who was so timid and shy and came from such a rough place wanted to be close to me. A few minutes later his little head laid on my shoulder. My heart melted. I knew in that moment that he would have a special place in my heart. 

The kids were so great and welcoming! They jumped in and made them feel right at home! 

Our favorite pastor having a heart to heart with them making sure they had Jesus in their hearts and gave them each their own bibles! 

 We are so blessed to have these two amazing children join our family at Grace Village! 

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