Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Amara's Acts of Kindness

Today we brought Amara's Acts of Kindness to Haiti...

....Continuing Amara's work - sharing kindness and  

the message of God's love with others. 

Amara's Acts of Kindness was started by one of her 

closest friends Abby.

Amara was 8 years old. 


Small groups to talk about Amara and her love for others and Jesus

Amara passed away on July 26th, 2012. 

One little girls love for Jesus and others is spreading across the world! 

Amara was the sweetest and kindest girl you could 

ever know. 

Amara always showed love towards others.

Amara had the biggest heart.

She also had the biggest faith.

Abby was her friend, but 

Jesus was her BEST Friend. 

Amara spent her life telling others about Jesus,  

even at the hospital when she was so sick.

She inspired others, changed lives, and 

deepened the faith of so many people 

through her experiences and 

through the fearlessness and unending faith

 she showed everyday.

 In her 8 years of life, she made a difference 

on this earth and impacted others in a way that most 

people could only hope to do in 100.

 Amara’s light will always continue here on earth. 

Her testimony will live on and it will 

continue to impact others.

 We here at Grace Village are pledging to show acts

 of kindness towards others each day, starting

 today, so a day doesn’t go by that Amara’s light

 doesn’t still shine here on this earth just as bright 

as it always did. 


Please join me in making this pledge – a pledge to

 show at least one act of kindness towards others, 

at least once a day, for the next year.

Read more about Amara: visit her CaringBridge


and check out Amara's Acts of Kindness on Facebook

Check out the following links for more information and ways in which kindness is being spread!!

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