Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marie so much like Grandma Lydia

A wonderful photographer, Michael Stoebner, recently posted a video on facebook that melted my heart. 

The video is of one of our elders in our elderly program in Titanyen, Haiti. 
Her name is Marie. 
She is about 104 years old.  
She had 13 children... 
All but 1 have passed away. 
She lives on her own. 
She is hoot. 
She loves kids. 
She loves to have her photo taken.
She loves Jeff and Healing Haiti. 
She is a spitfire.
Her faith is admirable. 
She makes my heart happy. 
She loves coffee. 
But most of all she LOVES JESUS!! 


One of the things that I love most about Marie, besides her faith and love for Jesus, is how she reminds me of my Grandma Lydia. My Grandma Lydia was so much like Marie. Every time I see her she brings a smile to my face and I could spend hours with her just being in her presence...just like my Grandma Lydia. I can't begin to imagine all that she has seen and gone through in her lifetime. 

I loved my grandma's hands and taking photos of them. I find myself doing the same with Marie. 

It amazes me how her spirit just captures me every time I am with her. 

Recently we have been going to Marie's house every Sunday morning to get her for church. She is always ready and waiting..doesn't want to be late for church! 
Just like my Grandma Lydia! 

At church I make sure to get her a cup of coffee....of course with lots of sugar just how she likes it! 

To see her sitting at church worshiping Jesus and happy as can be melts my heart every time. 

This past Sunday I was sitting by her at church and I had my hand on her leg. As I was worshiping and had my eyes closed I felt a warm touch on my hand. As Marie gently placed her hand on mine my heart sank. I didn't know I could love another "Grandma" as much as I had loved my Grandmas. I wanted to take that moment and that feeling and make it last forever. 

Marie has changed me and brought me so much joy, I can't even begin to explain it.

 Oh and how can I forget how much Marie loves to dance!! 

I am so thankful for all the moments and memories I have with Marie. I pray that when I become a grandma I will have a spirt and faith like Marie and my Grandma Lydia. 

I hope that she will touch your hearts as she has touched mine. Mesi Jezi!!! 

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