Friday, September 27, 2013

Making Music..

We have some pretty amazing and talented kids here at Grace Village. The other night I walked over to their rooms and they had a full on band and dance party happening!! Staff and all! It was a wonderful little concert and so great to see all their smiling faces dancing and singing in the night! 

The next morning I walked over and they were practicing for their performance on Sunday for our end of the summer party! 
Check em out...they are amazing!! Can't wait to see their final performance on Sunday! 

Then in the afternoon I found them singing this little jingle...."Our God is greater our God is stronger..." Man do I love these kids.. sometimes I wish I didn't have "work" to do and could hang out with them all day!! :) 

We are also currently looking for people to donate instruments to help these kids become even better!! If you think that you have an instrument that you would like to donate please contact me at and I can get you into contact with the right person! 

Hope you have a blessed day! 

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