Monday, February 10, 2014


Adoption/Life update... 

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So here I update on the adoption and life....basically one in the same I guess. :) 

Praise note....remember that blog about Losing the last month or so I can say that I have found my JOY! I honestly feel like a new person and ready to concern the world again! ;) Thank you so much to all of you who so faithfully prayed for me through that and those of you who reached out with encouraging words...You blessed me when I need it and I’m so thank for that...May each of you BE BLESSED

I’ve been living in Haiti for 1 year and 7 months....CRAZY right!! I know I can hardly believe it. God has stretched me, broke me, filled me and restored me. He continues to work on me daily and I am continually humbled by how He has worked so faithfully in my life and on this amazing journey He has me on. I know this is only the beginning (which is hard to believe) but He has GREAT PLANS and I’m excited about how He is going to continue to work and reveal Himself to me on this journey! 

Adoption update: I wish with all my heart I could say ‘I have all the finalized papers in my hand’, but not today. Today I can’t say that, but I know one day (God willing) I will be able to say that!! But until that day, I have work to do and God is continuing to work and teaching me along the way! Somedays are hard but I fully trust in God’s plan. I have had and continue to have lots of hurdles to jump’s part of process. I think that God is trying to teach me patience in all of this. I should have been keeping track of how many times I have heard that word throughout this process...I’ll be honest at times I’ve wanted to look at them and yell, ‘do you know how long I’ve been in this process and how patient I’ve already been!!’ But I’m here and God is working, even when it doesn’t seem like it I know He is. I can’t share all the details but trust me GOD is WORKING...I pray that soon I can!! 

I recently submitted a new application to another agency. If you know anything about adoptions any time you have to submit even a preliminary application it’s LONG! But I know it’s worth it. After I submitted my application a few weeks later I got an email say, “sorry you don’t qualify.” WHAT!?! Seriously!! What do you mean I don’t qualify!!!? Apparently when you want to adopt a child the US government wants to make sure you have enough money....come on is it really that big of deal! ;) Ok yes I fully get it, but I have money saved and I have every intent of moving back to the states and getting a “paid” job and being able to support my child....apparently that’s not good enough. :) BUT I can still make this happen and continue to serve in Haiti, God willing. 

HOW?? Here is how you can make this all happen. Do you want to be apart of something amazing and awesome? Do you want to be a crucial part of changing a child’s life forever. Do you want to step out in faith and reach out to those who are in need? Do you feel God tugging at your heart saying ‘just do more’ or ‘just do something’ even if it’s something small? If so I have a perfect opportunity for you!! 

I need monthly supporters.  (Ok there I said it...I NEED...I broke down and let go of pride--see God is working!) :) I need to prove to the US government that I ‘make’ $20,000.00 a year. That means I need to prove that I have monthly supporters who donate at least a total of 1,666.66 (is it a little crazy that it’s 666 a number often associated with the antichrist or the devil?? Guess what God is bigger and greater and I know how much satan wishes to destroy all adoptions and attack the adoptive parents (trust me I’ve seen it happen) but guess what satan not now not this time and not with this momma!

Would you be willing to help me fight this battle and help me move onto the next step of this adoption process. I need all supporters to start donating by FEBRUARY 24th (thats 2 weeks from today!!) God is big I know this can be done!! 

Here’s what I need: 

5 people to donate $10 a month
10 people to donate $20 a month
10 people to donate $25 a month
5 people to donate $40 a month
6 people to donate $50 a month
2 people to donate $70 a month
5 people to donate $100 a month 


17 people to donate $1000 a month ( ;) hey God can move mountains!!)

Would you considering being one of the amazing people that carries me through on this journey? 

**If you chose to donate $40 or more monthly I will give you a beautifully hand made piece of metal art--your choice or have a custom made one!
Your donations will also help this man and many other Haitians who make this beautiful artwork and your piece will be FREE if you donate $40 or more monthly!! 

Please consider going to the DONATE NOW page and click on an amount in the MONTHLY support box. I promise YOU are making a difference!! (please have "patiences" with the website as sometimes it doesn't always work the first time.) 

**As part of the requirement by the US government--if you do decide to donate monthly I will need your email address and will email you a letter that you just need to fill in the amount you are sponsoring me for and for how long and will need you to email it someone at my agency.** 


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