Thursday, February 13, 2014

The start of something GREAT!!!

This could be the start of something GREAT!! 

About 10 months ago Ketia and little baby, Ketie, came into my life.
Ketia became a mom at only 17 years old.
Ketia has about a 2nd grade education.
Ketia doesn't have any close family in the area. Her uncle lives fairly close but only occasionally helps.
Ketia is on her own to take of her precious little Ketie.

Of course after they both came into my life I couldn't turn my back. So through the help of team goers and family and friends in the states. I was able to provide her with the basic needs for Ketie.  About a month or so after she was born I was asked to be Ketie's godmother! What a blessing (but what does that mean in Haitian culture!) After talking with Pastor Wesley and praying about it, I knew I had to accept. God was working on me, but I also knew He was working in the heart of Ketia as well. So Ketia is my godchild! :) I'm pretty darn lucky!!

 Ketia and Ketie soon became well known at Grace Village and everyone loved when they visited!
Ketia was employed at Grace Village for a couple months but it didn't work out. Lets just say being only 17 Ketia has a lot to learn about life and responsibilities.

In Haiti when you have something you share it and you always help out your family. So I felt like I was put in difficult position. Of course I wanted to help Ketia and provide her with everything she needed but many times I also had to say I'm sorry I can't or I don't have anything--even when I did. It broke my heart, but I knew I need to start working harder on Ketia and her being more responsible. I didn't want to teach her dependency on me.

God has put a few things on my heart in the last several months. Awhile back I asked a man in Titanyen to make me some frames. I was thrilled to employ him and get to know him better but also for all the possibilities I had with some simple frames hand-made by Alberto! He is so great and sweet!! As he says, "Jessica I can do anything, nothing is too difficult for me." :)

Some of the final pieces ready for the next step!! 

The work in progress....

So this is where I Ketia comes in and I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to get crafty. This was back in November. God had put this on my heart for awhile but I just never really knew where I could go with it. I'm not sure I still fully know where I can go with it, but I know that I'M GOING!! If I can create work for her and make her become more independent and learn to take care of Ketie on her own it will be a great day! God created me for this. I know I have a heart and passion for this, even if I'm not the most crafty or creative person myself...

A few of the pieces that we made!! Many of these are available at the Art2Heart boutique in Hamel, Mn

and one of my FAVORITES!!!!

I know it makes me excited to Ketie to think of all the possibilities!! 

So this all happened today...I'm not a business person or job creation person at all, but if you are or know someone who does!! Please contact me!! I'd love to connect and see how to make this the best it can be!! 

Now we just have to get creative about what we are going to turn all this great stuff into!! 

She came up for a couple hours and painted a few things for me. At the end I gave her a choice (now I'm not sure if this was right or wrong or good or bad, but I did it...if you know better please advise me!! I'm learning and need your input!! :) ) I told her I will give you $2US or you can chose 4 items out of a pile of things that I have. She was wise and took the stuff pictured below--$2 isn't going to get you far in Haiti! And I love it that she thought of Ketie while choosing!! 


How could I turn my back on these two amazing girls!! God will show me the way in which I can best help and support them!! 
                                           I'm so excited about what God all has in store!! 
                                         Please pray for wisdom and direction in all this!! 
                                                     It makes my heart happy!!  

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