Monday, October 6, 2014

Change isn't easy....

I came across this picture the other day on Facebook...funny how God even uses Facebook ;) But it is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. 

There have a been a lot of changes in my life lately and regardless of how extremely difficult they have been I know that God is working it all out for my good. At least I try to remember this--it's not always easy in the moment when you feel like your life is tumbling around you. 

A couple of weeks ago I connected with a girl on Facebook talking about adoption and guardianship stuff here in Haiti. It was one of those God things. 

I've tried in the past getting guardianship of a child that God has placed so strongly on my heart only to be denied, for a few reasons, but one of them was not having a "job" in Haiti saying I wouldn't be able to support the child. 

Through this conversation with this girl on Facebook she mentioned she had been in a very similar situation to me and was now teaching. She also mentioned that they were looking for a teacher for this school year--but this would mean me moving out of Grace Village, my home for the last 2 years and starting something new and not really knowing anyone. But if this could hopefully help me to get guardianship I couldn't pass it up, could I?

I had an interview and was offered the job on the spot. I was excited, scared and overwhelmed all at once. How could I do this? But how could I not do this? 

Through lots of prayer and other circumstances taking place I knew God was opening this door and I had to keep walking through it--no matter how scared I was. So I took the job! 

The transition has been difficult as I learn a new way of living and trying to find my niche in all the newness, but I have been beyond bless with the loving support of family and friends. I've received messages and emails from so many that continue to bring me to tears. 

God is near and He is working. 

It has been hard to leave Healing Haiti and Grace Village but it was time. I am blessed that, God willing, I will be able to find transportation to be able to go see all those that I love often! 

So here I am teaching at Quisqueya Christian School in Port au Prince. I have been welcomed with open arms and though overwhelmed I am slowly finding a place in the chaos. 

Change is difficult, but I'm reminded that I don't have to go at it alone. 

A dear friend reminded me the other day...Our God can redeem our darkest days for his


Without this promise, your trials and mine could feel overwhelming, and our pain could

feel unbearable-- GOD IS WORKING. He is working all things out for my good.

Even though my journey is taking me down a slightly different path I know my mission is to continue to love and serve those that God puts in my path even though it looks a little different now. I pray that through this season of change God will open the doors for guardianship and He will provide me with all my needs. I have been so blessed and am so thankful to be even just a small part of what God is doing through Healing Haiti. 

Living in PAP and taking on this new role brings about a lot of financial change as well. I now have to pay monthly rent, transportation, water, internet and basically everything that goes into living--just at a little higher price. ;)

If you would like to contribute to this continued journey of following my heart where God is leading and hopefully one day, God willing, bringing a little boy into my life to stay I would be beyond blessed by your donations. 

Donate online:
Type in Jessica Burmester

Donate by check: (please write only “Acct. no. 26908” on the check memo line): 
Mail to:
RCE International
 PO Box 4528
 Wheaton, IL 60189

Above all please pray for me and this crazy journey of life that I'm on. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to leave it all behind and go back to my "easier" life in the states of providing for myself and being close to friends and family, but I know God has me here for a reason and I have to trust in that always! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support on this journey! 

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