Thursday, October 23, 2014


As I look back on what the last 3 weeks has been I can only think of one word...FAITHFULNESS. 

Recently I have been thinking back to all that has happened and where I am now. I have gone from feeling so lonely in a this new place and questioning if this is really what God has for me and am I really qualified to get guardianship and go through the adoption process to now feeling so incredibly at peace. For about a week or a week and a half satan was really doing a good job at tearing me down. But today I am so thankful for GOD'S FAITHFULNESS. God has blessed me and affirmed (thats one of our vocabulary words this week ;) ) that this is where HE wants me in this new season of this journey.

In this new season and during the transition God has blessed me abundantly. I had to go back and just simply lay out some of them, although I know I missing many.
-Emails and messages of encouragement and love
-The sweetest couple took me in and invited me over for dinner one night. It was the simplest act of kindness but it filled me up and was just what I needed.
-Another girl reached out to me and we had an amazing dinner and great conversation! I wasn't the only one struggling and we were able to connect and support each other.
-Facetiming with family and friends.
-During a time of no running water another sweet girl said I could go over to her place to shower. She then invited me to stay and watch a football game they were going to be streaming. Oh to have connection filled me up!
-Someone else sending me a messaging saying there was extra food if I wanted to come have some.
-Being invited to a 9 years old birthday part and connecting with others.
-Attending a weekly bible study with amazing people who love God and not to mention a big amazing meal every Wed. night!
-Students who tell me I look pretty--even when I'm not feeling it.
-Being able to receive mail and purchase needed items online.
-Another friend shared this song with me that rocked me to the core. My strength was failing me and I felt like I had nothing more to hold onto but I was reminded I could hold onto HIM and to not lose HOPE and that I was going to break through all of this. I bought this song and listened to it daily!   Holding Onto You by Carrollton
-I was invited to a small intimate house church that I loved and filled me up.
-Comments and messages on facebook that always seemed to come at the right time.
-Letters from my 2nd grades telling me they love me and I'm a great teacher!
-The opportunity to stream TV and movies (most nights when we have power) ;)
-Being able to make phone calls and connecting with loved ones.
-Starting another bible study with two other ladies.
- Being able to take some days off of work to go home for Thanksgiving for a few days and having the funds to pay for the ticket.
-Randomly running into a girl I met probably a year ago and the encouraging words she had to share with me and that adoptions really do happen!
-Getting another step of paperwork done for the guardianship process.
-Another sweet girl I just met took the time to reach out to me with encouraging words and sent me another great song. Not for a moment did God forsake me! "Not For A Moment" by Vertical Church Band
-Watching a soccer game and cheering on our schools team and having a great time of connection with a now new friend.
-Friends who help me out when I need something--like a ride on a motorcycle--to get where I need to go and another great friend who gave me a helmet to borrow and made sure I was properly dressed!
-Going to a grocery store-regardless of the insane prices!
-Buying soft served ice cream at the grocery store--a delicious and tasty snack.
-Being apart of a school that truly cares about me--and even take care of renewing my Visa or help me to get a Haitian drives license (haven't done it yet but thinking about it!) ;)
-Meeting a new friend and being blessed by the devotion she read--of course it was about God's faithfulness! I love it when God does that!
-Spending that night at a dear friends house on the beach. Thankful for her and our time together.
-Unexpectedly receiving some early birthday presents!

I could go on and on about how God has been faithful these last couple of weeks but I think you get the picture! :) I am thankful to have a sense of peace about where I am, what I'm doing and know that I am right where God wants me--even if it took me a while to figure it all out.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I would not be where I am at today without them!

Be blessed! 

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