Thursday, April 9, 2015

Beauty through the frustrations..

TIH...This is Haiti...this is a little phrase that gets thrown around a lot here in Haiti. If you have lived or even visited short term you probably know all to well that nothing is quick and easy here. Its something you just learn to accept. Yes, we often say...well it would make sense if...but so often things don't make sense, but yet some things do get done, eventually. 

For the past several months I have been working on getting Lovinsky's birth certificate. Let me just start by saying it has been the most trying and biggest test of faith I have had recently. 

I am beyond thankful for the people in my life and Quisqueya Christian School for being so accommodating and allowing me to run to the many offices over the past couple of months. And of course Mr. Noel who has been a saint and taken me everyone and translated everything for me! I really wouldn't have been able to get any of this started if it weren't for them. 

I've written a letter requesting a birth certificate for my little man, dropped off the letter to be told 'we will call you when it's ready'....almost 3 weeks later no we go in, the Director has been out of the office but if we come back next week we should have the letter. *Sigh. 

Finally go back excited that we are finally going to be able to get this...only to find out that they put a birthdate on there that we never knew existed and is not accurate. *Sigh again. We talk to a man in the office and he tells us if we can prove a different age for him with a doctors letter they could change it. So of course we get to work right away...Thankful for a dentist letter from Michael Lindahl who saw him while he was at Grace Village. But we also had to have another letter. So we went to a doctor who told us we had to go get x-ray's of his growth plate to determine a more appropriate age. CHECK! 

After getting these letters we take them back....after waiting almost 45 minutes to see the guy, he basically tells us they won't change it now because then they would have to change all their paperwork but when the adoption process starts I could change it! Say What!?! Are you serious!! 

So I came to grips and just accepted it. I had to just let it go and trust that God was in control and he would take care of it all. 

So we take the letter which states that we need a birth certificate (with an inaccurate birthday) to the Mayor's office. Only to find out that the lawyer says they should not make the birth certificate if the birthday is inaccurate and we have letters from the dentist and doctor. Praise the Lord! They understood!! Thinking that they would just make it with the correct date--because it seemed that is what they decided--only to go back and pay and find out that they don't want to go against social services. We then had to set up a meeting with the lawyer--which took about 2 weeks to do. We went there once-he wasn't there. We tried going again-decided we would call first this time. He tells us we have to go there at 9:00 am if we want to meet with him. Ugh...a girl works you know!! Thankfully I have some amazing co-workers who covered for me! 

Today, we were able to go to the Mayor's office--which by the way is absolutely beautiful with chandeliers and all. (I was going to take a picture but when it was time to go my head was so focused on lets go!) When we got there we meet the lawyer and talked with him about the situation. At first he didn't really want to help us.  As I sat there silently praying (and knowing that others were praying as well) and picking up bits of their conversation, he finally decided he would help us! Praise the Lord!! We sat in his office while he told his secretary what to write in a letter that we would then have to take back to social services requesting a more appropriate birth date!

As we waited I was reminded of how great our God is and how He can move mountains. I had been so discouraged a few weeks ago, but now today God was moving. Of course there is a lot that can happen and social services can deny his request, but today there is hope! 

Despite the frustrations of Haiti and how the systems run I try to remind myself to enjoy this time and the beauty of where we are in this season of our journey. There truly is beauty all around us. Beauty in the people who have helped throughout this process, beauty in the people I see on the roads as we drive from office to office, beauty in the land as we drive through the crowded streets and beauty in the face of my little boy. 

My sister told me today "Nothing worthwhile is ever easy."  This couldn't be more true. I know that one day this will all be behind us but right now there are days where it seems so daunting. But I also know that with all my heart this little boy is worth it! 

Written all on his own...Love you too little man! 

 Being a single mom in Haiti has been challenging and we try to do things to keep our sanity but living in Haiti is not cheap and trying to file all this paper work gets expensive. If you would like to make to a one time donation or become a monthly support we would greatly appreciate it! Please click on the link on the top right of this blog!

Much love from us! 

Visiting our most favorite lady!! It has been way too long since we've seen her!!

Just us. :) 

We were able to spend a weekend with friends at their family's beach house.
Great time with friends and lots of memories and laughs!
It is truly beautiful there! 
Find the beauty around you and in your situations today!
 God is there! Blessings! 

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