Monday, August 10, 2015

Baby Steps!!!

We are taking baby steps but we are moving forward!! 

A while back--several months ago actually--we started working on getting his birth certificate and had to get a letter from IBESR (which is like social services) we then had to take it to the mayor of Delmas to get it signed. Well we found out that apparently we didn't have a mayor at the time because he was running for some other office this election season...(election season in Haiti is a whole other issue)

So we waited....
and waited....
and finally we had a new mayor! So of course we went right away to see if the letter was signed.

Well not exactly...apparently the new mayor decided that the lawyer who was working on the case should be the one to sign it because he knew all the details...ok great. 

but it wasn't that easy....because the lawyer was now on vacation and wouldn't be back for a couple weeks...ugh it felt like it was a never ending process! The only thing we could do was to walk out of that office (which we had been in and out of many times!!!) and laugh and trust that in His perfect timing we would get the letter.

FINALLY...last week we were able to walk out of that office with the letter in hand!! It was a such a tiny baby step, but it was a step and we are rejoicing in that!!!

We were able to drop this letter off last week at another office to get a birth certificate made and are patiently waiting for it to be completed so we can move onto the passport!! 

Little by little we will get this done...with LOTS of patience!! :) 

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers we couldn't do any of this without you!! 

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