Sunday, August 2, 2015

One Great Birthday!!

Well my sweet little mans birthday has come and gone!! I would say he had one fantastic day and felt pretty special! 

We still continue to get gifts and cards in the mail--THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT HIM THINGS AND HAVE MADE HIM FEEL SO LOVED!! 

He even helped make his own birthday cupcakes and loved it!!!

Birthday morning.. he was surprised with decorations and presents and of course wanted to open them all right away!
He got to chose 1!! ;) 

Then it was off to horse camp...where he had to start off his day with scooping poop! ;) He thought he could get out of it because it was his birthday but nope! :) 

He is getting pretty good at taking care of these horses!! 

Love seeing him up there on the horses!
He's always so happy and proud! 

Time to give the horse a bath!!

Such a trooper even helped cut up the fruit and veggies for his party!!
We were on crunch time trying to get everything ready before the kids started to come!

This woman is AMAZING!! She is like a mom to him and was like a mom to me that day! I seriously could not have made it through the day without her! She even stayed after and helped me clean! She is a blessing and made me feel so loved and like my own momma was there helping! 

Slowly throughout the day he got to open a few presents here and there....such a ham right!! 

We went with a Spiderman theme...Thanks to Karla who sent down decorations and masks!! And Jessica for bringing us more birthday goodies!! :) 

Making their "Super Hero Capes" 


What a good looking gang!!
So thankful for Risa and Spencer who were able to stay and help out!!
Who knew birthday parties were so much work! ;) 

Scavenger hunt with their Super Hero Capes!! :) 

Putting on a skit....of course he would steal the show!! :) 


Another amazing woman in his life!
She is such a blessing to us and takes such good care of us!! 

My lifesaver of the day!!
Could not have done it without this wonderful woman!!

So thankful for this mother and son who are so good to my little man! 

Needless to say it was one
birthday party!!! 
Thank you so much to everyone who made it so great!! 
We are so blessed by your cards and gifts!! 

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