Friday, September 4, 2015

We're giving back!!

We at Anchored in Hope have been so blessed by everyones support. We know that it is only by the grace of God that we are where we are! (Truly)

Something that we love to do is GIVE BACK! We have been blessed so we want to bless others. Anchored in Hope has been so grateful to help other by donating an item for several silent auctions! We have donated items for those who are adopting--some even from Haiti-who are trying to raise funds. The idea of things going full circle is amazing! We have also been fortunate to donate a few pieces to dear friends and to organizations trying to raise support for the greater good! 

Another super amazing way we are GIVING BACK is through education. I have been very connected to several people in Titanyen, Haiti after previously living in the area for about 2 years. Recently I went back to visit and a sweet little girl told me at church that her mom had passed away a few months ago. She has been living with her grandma. She doesn't have money to go to school and to buy her school uniform for this coming year. I know this is a common story for many Haitians but when there is a relationship and a connection, the struggle is so much more real. Of course my heart breaks for the several other thousands of children who have the exact same situation, if I could I would send them all to school! 

By the grace of God ANCHORED IN HOPE can help!! 
And that is because of you! 
Because of your support and your purchases 
are sending a little girl to school! 

Because of YOU we can not only help the Haitians who are making the beautiful artwork, but we are also able to support those who are adopting, those who are raising funds for other great organizations, and for those who need financial help to cover medical cost for their children. 

We want to LOVE on others. God calls us to do that, even in our struggles. (Read previous blog about love here). 

Thank you for supporting us and the Haitians we love and work with and everyone else who crosses our path. 

God is doing big things through YOU!

We are currently working on new pieces and can't wait to share them with you so we can continue to spread the love and do more good in this world! 

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  1. Jessica you have the biggest heart......thank you for always being someone filled with Grace. Carolyn