Friday, July 13, 2012

11 days in...

Friday July, 13
Well it’s been 11 days in my new home. My emotions have been a little bit of everything, but the ones that have been the strongest are joy, love, happiness, and content. I can’t even begin to describe to all of you the feeling of hearing a little child ask you if you are going to be their momma. It’s sad that a child would even have to ask an adult that question but yet my heart was overflowing. This little boy has captured my heart. Like a new momma, I was concerned about a little rash he had on his hands. We ended up taking him to see the Dr. and from that moment on we have been best of buds. He looks out for me and I look out for him. I can always count on him to be calling my name right away in the morning as I walk out to the patio or to be singing me songs where his love for Jesus shines brighter than the sun or to be bringing me my water bottle that I leave all over the place and can never find. And this is just the joy and love of one little boy…can you imagine 61 more! God is so good!
Yes there have been times of frustration and overwhelming moments of trying to get things done but I always come back to the small moments with the kids. They bring me back to the real reason I am here and remind me of the great journey that God has me on and all the wonderful things that are going to come.
I miss my family and friends and of course all my snuggles from Murphy, but I know he is getting lots of those from Ruby! She has been so good to him and even put on a puppet show for him! I love it that these moments are captured and shared with me.
I am so grateful for all the prayers and love that each of you have shed on me throughout this journey….and this is just the beginning. God bless each and every one of you. 


  1. Jess - Wow what a difference your love and kindness has already made on that one little boy! Looking forward to following you on your amazing journey. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Keep doing good work Jess. I know it will not always be easy and there will be days you are longing for home and that's ok too. What a great journey this continues to be for you....and those 60 kiddos.

  2. Jess,

    I just read your most recent posts tonight. Wade told us about your exciting journey and I am thrilled to be able to follow along by reading your blog.

    I was especially excited when I saw that you have read "Kisses from Katie." It's one of my favorite books! And, then, on top of that, I saw your post with the picture of the page from "Jesus Calling." That had become my favorite devotional book this past year as I read it with my friend who was dying from pancreatic cancer. Her memorial service was on July 1st and we gave out over 200 copies of this wonderful little book at the service.

    Anyway, we have much in common! I hope to learn about Haiti and the people God loves who live there by reading your blog!

    barb Holmberg