Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, we made it....I'm new home in HAITI! It is still very surreal to me that I am actually here and that I won't be leaving in a week or two but that I am here for a year! My mind can't really comprehend that right now...

The following is the entry for today from my Jesus Calling's quite fitting for todays events; I love it when God does that! 

Thank you all so much for your prayers throughout the day; they were definitely felt!! Well off to bed...heading up to Grace Village in the morning to unpack and get settled into my new HOME...first I'll be loving up on all those kiddos though! 

God is sooooo good!! 


  1. We love you Jessica and are in our prayers. We are excited for you and look with anticipation what God will do through you. You are a blessing to us and to those we serve.