Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It was another adventurous day in Haiti today…I know I need to start blogging more about all the crazy things that happen like getting caught in what seemed like a monsoon the other day after taking Ofane (one of our elderly) to the doctor. We had to take a few detours do to trees that had fallen and power lines that were down. All while riding in the back of the tap tap with Allie. Needless to say we were drenched! But it was an adventure and a memory and Ofane was so happy and excited to be able to get the help he needs to feel better so it was all worth it!!

Yesterday we also got caught up in the rain. This time we were in the Kubota (basically like a 4 wheeler) when we were delivery food and meds to the elderly when it started down pouring! Again we were drenched and freezing! Two days in a row of having to put on a sweatshirt!

Yesterday we also had the experience of having our sink fall off the wall! Thankfully no one is injured in the process! And in Haiti to fix it…Jonas used a jump rope that was lying around, a shoelace and some wire. Around here people are very innovative! ;)

And today….today I had my first driving experience in Haiti….and we survived!! J We took the Kubota out to pick up Ofane early this morning so we could get him up to Grace Village to get the care he needed for his foot.  So there really wasn’t too much traffic but driving on all those bumps and the goats and the chickens; lets just say as an American I don’t really use my horn all that much but I guess that is something I will have to learn to do while I’m here! Watch out when I get back to the US!

Later this morning we had to go get a few medications for Ofane’s foot so I drove the truck, which is a stick shift, along with Guillame and our nurse to the pharmacy in Titanyen. It’s not super far away about I did have to drive on the main road! J I’m proud to say that I didn’t stall it all, but there is definitely some practicing that I will need to do. Driving a stick shift in Haiti just seems so much trickier!

Everyday is an adventure here and that is what I love about it! Everyday is a blessing. Everyday is filled with so much love! Everyday is a good day even when there are the end IT’S STILL A GOOD DAY! Thank you Jesus for the heart of each and every child here! To see the love that they have for you and the joy they have in their hearts is amazing! Every time I see a child on the their knees with their eyes closed and their hands raised it melts my heart and I’m in awe of the love that is overflowing from their hearts for Jesus. I pray that is something I will have everyday!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! I can’t begin to express to each and everyone of you how grateful I am that you come along side me on this journey; each of you in a special way. Thank you for generous hearts, prayers and love. May God bless you abundantly! 


  1. Jessica,

    I had been watching for another blog post from you and was so excited to see one listed in my google reader this morning. What an encouragement you are to me---perfect reading material first thing in the morning. God has given you an enourmous heart! I will be praying that each and every one of your days will continue to be filled with God's love!

    barb H.

  2. Thanks Barb, for leaving your comments! I'm glad that they are encouraging to you! All glory to God! Thank you also for the prayers! They are greatly appreciated! I'll try to be a little more timely with blogging :)

  3. Glad you are doing well and having an adventure. Your stories are great. Please keep them up.