Monday, July 30, 2012


That moment when you have a 16 year old boy talking to you about prayer…His confidence and desire for the Lord is an inspiring example to me. I had Jesus in my heart at age 16, but I didn’t get it like he does until I was much older. It’s such a joy to see him get it at such a young age. Asking me if I pray for the children every night and not just the children of Grace Village but of the city too and if I pray for his country and do I pray that God would bless me. Hearing those words come out of his mouth and the boldness to ask me about my prayers was a moment when I was reminded of how often I need to be in communication with God about everything. I love it that I come to Haiti to serve and every time they continue to teach me and remind me of the goodness of God and the joy that they have in such a poverty stricken country. 

One area that I am really going to have my hands in is our Elderly program. Today I went out to visit some of our elderly with our new worker Carolle. What a joy and blessing she is. I am so excited for her to be apart of Healing Haiti and to work along side of her. There is just something about the elderly that tugs at my heart. I want to know their story and I want them to feel loved and cared for. We often forget about the elderly or think they don’t need the attention, but we all need God’s love and we all need to feel loved. I love it that I can be that person for them. In the small conversations that I get to have with them in my broken Creole, in the simple touches, or in the smiles, the joy that is shared is amazing. I can’t wait for the relationships to be built and to really get to know and love and care for our elderly. Please pray for guidance and direction in getting the program running smoothly.

Marie is a spitfire. Every time I go to see her she's laughing and smiling. She loves Jesus with all her heart. Marie is 103 years old. I can't imagine what she has all gone through in life. She brings me so much joy when I go to see her and tells me how happy she is to see me and showers me with hugs and kisses! I love the moments I have with her; I can't help but smile! 

This adorable lady, Antonia asked me to take her picture and to take a picture with me. Before we left she asked if she could have a copy of those photos and we told her yes and she asked if she could get them today! :) She is so adorable and makes my heart my melt because even though she can only lay on her back all day long she has a heart and love for Jesus that is amazing. She loves it when we sing to her and always raises her hands to glorify God; I love those moments with her. 

We have a couple of kiddos who have been sick with fevers so please keep them in your prayers too. I feel like in a setting like this once one gets sick it’s just a matter of time before a few others do too.

The joy and love I get from these kiddos everyday fills me beyond measure. I am so thankful, humbled and honored to be apart of their lives. Please pray for continued strength, guidance and wisdom when working with them and trying to communicate with them. Please pray that a light would be lit in my brain and that Creole would start to come more naturally to me so that I can communicate with them and love them as best as I can!  

Thank you for your prayers and support! 


  1. Wow, what an amazing journey! May God continue to watch over you, guide you, and strengthen you as you support those in need. I will keep you and Haiti in my prayers. I love reading your blog. Denise

  2. Thanks Denise! Good to hear from you!! Summer is winding down fast! Thanks for the prayers!