Sunday, December 15, 2013

Marie continues to teach me..

On Saturday Jonas, one of our workers here at Grace Village, told me that Marie couldn't come to church on Sunday because she said didn't have any clean clothes. My first thought was 'well thats silly' and 'really she doesn't have any clean clothes' but I also know that in Haiti on Sunday's everyone dresses in their best! Even though I still thought that this was a silly reason for her to not come to church, I understood it and the culture behind it. 

 I told Jonas to wait a minute and I'd see if I could find her some clothes. 
I first tried to think if I had seen any donations come in that would work for her, but quickly knew that wasn't the answer I was looking for. As I started thinking of the dresses I had in my closet I was thinking theres nothing in there that she could wear or would want to wear to church--if you haven't noticed Marie is tiney-tiny! But then I remembered a beautiful dress my dear friend Karla Olimb had given to me a long time ago that I absolutely love!! It would be perfect for Marie because it has a little belt on it. I'll admit I took it out of my closet and looked at it and hesitated for a second if I should give it to her but then I quickly came to my sense and OF COURSE she should where it to church!! 

When I gave it to Jonas I told him he could give her this dress to wear to church tomorrow and that I could get it back from her at some other time--still in myself way of thinking. :( 

But after I saw Marie wearing this dress and how ADORABLE she looked and how thankful and excited she was that I gave it to her to wear so that she could come to church--well there is no way that I can take that dress back from her. I mean look at her and how adorable she is! It looks way better on her than it ever did on me that's for sure!! 

I love this woman like she is my own Grandma! 

Even though I've been here for about 17 months, God is still working on me and teaching me things all the time. This was one of those moments where He had to remind me that it's not about me--really it's never about me. I'm praying that this is something He will continue to teach me and instill in me! I also pray that as we are approaching this Christmas season we all remember its not about us, it's not about the gifts, the cookies, santa, the elf on the shelf but rather it's about JESUS and how He came into this world on Christmas to save us from our sins so that we could LIVE WITH HIM FOREVER. I pray that you have a most blessed and holiday season and that you are filled with love beyond measure! 
Merry CHRISTmas!! 

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