Monday, December 23, 2013

Worst Field Trip Ever PART 2!! :)

Here is a much lighter and enjoyable side to our field trip!! :) 
IF you missed PART sure to check it out!! 
Part 2
Scene 25:
Fort Jaque: a little history lesson, photo shoots, and begging the gateman to let us have just a little peak inside the fort--failed. 
Lined up ready to go check it out! 

Check out the view!!! 

Striking a always! ;) 
In front of one of the entrances to the fort.

Cute as always! :)


History Lesson Time!! 
Taking a little break on the cannon!  

Checking out the cannons and getting a little lesson on them

Cool dudes

Scene 26:
Kids, staff and 2 missionaries enjoy a nice little walk in the “forest” to get rid of some energy and enjoy the smell of fresh air! 
The trees are huge up there!!

Those are some looks of trouble! ;)

A great looking bunch!!
Running through the "forest" :)

Scene 27:
Start giving the kids a little snack...(this included the kids who had previously vomited because they were complaining that they were so hungry) dogs come crowding the scene as soon as they see the food. Some children terrified others throughly enjoyed feeding the dogs and watching them jump in the air to catch it. One child enjoyed it so much that he gave all of his food to the dog--this later resulted in tears because he was so hungry. 

Scene 28:
It was a busy day at Fort Jaques and the 2 missionaries appeared to have some admires from a far. Unfortunately the admires did not stay afar and they thought it would be fun to try to strike up an awkward conversation with them and secretly-but not so secretly-take photos of them. The 2 missionaries where not amused. 

Just a little bit of the beauty around us!!
Scene 29:
The time now was about 4:00pm. Time to load up and head back to Grace Village. 

Scene 30:

Needless to say this was a much dreaded trip home considering what everyone went through to get there. Wasn’t there another option!!!??

To be continued....PART 3 coming up!! 

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