Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This adoption journey...

This adoption journey....

I feel like things have been at a stand still for a long time and needless to say I've been learning a lot about patience!! God teaches me everyday to trust in HIS timing. It's not easy. Some days I can rest in HIS timing. Other days it brings me to tears at how difficult this process has been--and I'm only at about step 2. I'm fully aware that this will continue to be long difficult journey, but that's exactly it, it's a 'journey.' I can't continue each day to long for the final day when I will have my child(ren) with me forever; I have to live each day and enjoy each day of the journey. Through this journey I know God is going to do amazying things, I fully believe that no matter what happens or when it all happens it will all be in God's perfect timing. 

My dear friend KT sent me a wonderful gift about a month ago. She sent me the Jesus Calling for kids devotional. On Decemeber 11th I read the devotional and it hit me hard. "Faith is Knowing" Every single day God is working on my behalf. When I start to stumble or lose faith He is there. He longs for me to talk with Him about my deepest fears, sadness, hurts and frustrations. He also longs for me to bring Him my hopes, dreams, joys and those I love. He wants to work on them TOGETHER with ME and little by little they can become my reality. It takes times, God cannot be rushed and He knows what is best. I need to learn to accept HIS timing. Look at how long Abraham and Sarah waited for their son!! Wow, now that is patience! I'm praying that isn't in God's plan for my life, but if it is then it will be the best plan! Because of their long wait for their son they were filled with unbeleivable amounts of joy and love for him when he finally arrived. 'Faith is knowing God will keep His promises--believeing that things I am hoping for are as real as things I can already see.' 

That is what gets me through each day. That is what keeps me going. Is knowing that God has perfect timing. God sees the big picture. When the day comes that I have my son or my daughter or both I can only imagine all the love and joy that I will be blessed with on that day! So when my days are rough; I pray that I will be reminded that HE is in control and I need to lay it all at His feet. He is going to walk through this journey with me. I wouldn't want it any other way! 

I pray He fills me with overflowing amounts of wisdom, guidance, peace and patience while I'm on this adoption journey.

If you would like to help out financially please visit: or if you would also like to purchase some Haitian metal artwork check out the facebook page by clicking here.  The artwork is also available at Art2Heart in Hamel, MN. Proceeds from this artwork also go to support the adoption! :)

Thank you as always for your continued prayers and support on this adoption journey and also my journey of life in Haiti! :) 

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