Friday, December 13, 2013

Your future is so BRIGHT you need shades!!!

A much overdue post..(as they all are) ;)

A while back I got connected with Amara's Acts of Kindness. We were blessed to be able to be apart of their "Shades HOPE" event. Amara's Acts of Kindness sent down about 100 pairs of sunglasses to be shared with the children of Grace Village and children at church!

This is what "Shades of HOPE" is all about:

"Amara's Acts of Kindness" hosted their 1st Annual "Shades of HOPE" event….they collected close to 1,000 pairs of sunglasses that went all over the world, to people young and old who are in need of some HOPE!!!

Check out a post from their Facebook page:

 We were overwhelmed with the number of people who came to honor Amara's life and keep her LIGHT for JESUS SHINING BRIGHT!! I knew she was watching, along with Jesus...talking about how this was all a part of His plan!! Thanks to all who made it out to take the pledge to do at least one act of kindness a day, for the following year!! You really do make a difference!! Lives are being touched, seeds are being planted, and changes are taking place....I have heard many stories to testify to this, and it is a TRUE gift from the is humbling to sit back and see His hand in all of this!! God bless you all for what you have done and are continuing to do each and every day!! Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS and SHINE ON!!!

The kids here in Titanyen were blessed to be able to be apart of this. We had our staff talk about HOPE and what it means to have HOPE in Jesus…no matter what life brings at you. They talked about how God's plan for their future is so bright that they need 'shades'! Their sunglasses that they received with Amara's photo on them is a constant reminder that their LORD and SAVIOR has a BRIGHT future planned for them!! 

The kids got to each pick out their favorite ones!! 

One of our "mommies" talking to the kids about HOPE.

Teaching all the little boys about HOPE and how Jesus has a great plan for their life!! 

After talking with the older boys they got pick out their "SHADES of HOPE"

Some of our boys showing off their new shades

The kids at Grace Village were SO excited about their "SHADES of HOPE"


Look at these two sharp looking kiddos with their new SHADES!! 

Even the teddy bear got to participate in the fun!! :)

Looking good little man!!!

BFF's with smiles because they have HOPE!!  

Always smiling!! 

She is just too adorable in her new SHADES!!! :)

All decked out in purple and smiles with their new SHADES of HOPE!! 

A girl with a bright future and full of HOPE!! 

These twin brothers will always have each other!!

Her future just keeps getting BRIGHTER!!

Too cute!! 

One of our older girls....where is GOD's HOPE going to take her!!! 

They know this thing we call "HOPE" is serious stuff!! ;) 
Only GOD know's where it will take them in life! 

These boys know their future is going to be BRIGHT!!! 

Dressed in their Sunday Best with SHADES OF HOPE

These sisters have spunk and sass and God's got a BRIGHT future planned for them!! :) 

Bringing SHADES OF HOPE to the beach! 

Headed to the beach with their new shades! :) 

This precious little boy was holding AMARA'S little bookmark at church...melted my heart. 

This little girl is from Titanyen and was showing off her cool looking sunglasses at church...She knows her future is BRIGHT!! 

We are so thankful for all that GOD is doing through AMARA'S ACTS OF KINDNESS!! 
HE had the perfect plan for her and I'm so thankful we in HAITI could be a small piece of the plan. 

They have a BRIGHT future waiting for them!! 

1...2...3....THANK YOU AMARA!! 

Amara you have touched the lives of so many and we here in Haiti have been beyond blessed by AMARA'S ACTS OF KINDNESS! 
One day we will all get to celebrate with JESUS! We know there will be more people up in Heaven because of you and your heart for JESUS!! 
Always in our hearts--love from Haiti.

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