Thursday, May 7, 2015

"It's Complicated"

That's one of those facebook relationship status right?? :) Thankfully I'm not referring to that--one has to be in a relationship for it to be complicated! :)

On a serious note...."It's complicated" or "It's a complicated case" is something I've heard quite a few times in regards to little mans paperwork and situation. It's something I know and realize, but it still doesn't make things any easier.

I knew from day one that this sweet little boys case of mine was "complicated." But I also knew with all my heart that God had placed this little man in my life and I was going to fight for him no matter what.

So we started the fight over 2 years ago. Thankfully we have gained a couple inches over those years and we are finally together! Something I have to keep this in mind when everything else isn't adding up.

I mentioned several weeks ago about having to have a letter written by a lawyer and fighting for an appropriate age on his birth certificate--even doing the bone density test and talking with dentists. So we submitted a letter from a lawyer from the Mayors office in Delmas. We went back the following week only to be told nothing was done and that they would work directly with the lawyer now. We called the lawyer several times and he said he still hadn't heard anything.

In the meantime of all of this and trying to be patient (for some reason God still thinks I need to work on this ;) ), God opened up an important door. There is a student at QCS who's mom is a lawyer at IBESR and I was able to connect with her through email asking her to look into the letter. Although we still hadn't heard back from her about it, I knew it was a great connection and the way God brought it about is pretty great. It's the little things. :)

We finally decided to ventured back down to IBESR and check on things. On our way we called this woman to see if she would be able to help us out. Another God thing...she only works at the office 2 days a week and it just happened to be that yesterday was one of the days!!

So we met and through this conversation in French, basically the only word I could make out was "complicated." It can be frustrating, so frustrating to continue to hear these words, but I am also hopeful that we can get this figured out and so thankful for the people God has brought us on this journey to continue to fight for us. We could not be more blessed than to have the help of this woman.

Would you please pray for this paperwork to be completed soon and that we can get a more accurate age for him on his birth certificate. I am longing for the day that I have his birth certificate in hand and we can move onto the next hurdle! :)

I'm fighting for you little man! One day God is going to make it all work out in His perfect plan and His perfect timing! So glad you are on my team! And even when you are old and grown up and have a girlfriend (when you are 19) I am still going to be your mom and hug you and kiss you! (Part of our conversation last night!) :)

We will continue on this journey..... and have fun while we do it!! :)

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