Monday, April 14, 2014

Ketia update and a Hope for Job Creation

In my last blog I mentioned that the woman Ketia was staying with kicked her out. It had been an ongoing situation with this woman and she wasn't treating Ketia well at all. Many times she wouldn't even feed Ketia but would feed everyone else. So heart breaking and unfortunately I feel it happens more often than it should around here. I'm just thankful that we were able to get her out of that situation. 

The day we talked with Ketia and I saw the horrible look on her face I knew we had to DO SOMETHING. So that afternoon the Haitian woman who was with me went out and found this one room house for rent. We decided we had to do it. So we rented the place for 6 months for a little less then $100. 

Seeing Ketia at her house and how proud and happy she was confirmed in me that we did the right thing for her. She still doesn't have a matress or anything, we are working on that, but despite not having anything she is smiling and has a new sense of hope. My desire is that she will be able to work to help pay for some of the rent and provide food for her and little Keti.  

The other day Ketia and Keti come up to do some work! She was a rockstar! She had so many frames to paint and sand! It was a busy morning. Thankfully I had a meal in the freezer that I could pull out and put in the oven. We both needed a lunch break after working so hard and running around all morning. 

The best part was sitting down together to have a meal. I asked Ketia to pray and she said “I don’t know how to.” I said you don’t need to say much just give thanks for the food and the things that God has given you. Bless her heart she said the sweetest little prayer thanking Jesus for everything and for blessing her. 

When I look at Ketia and Keti I always wonder what her future will hold and how this will all turn out. I pray that I’m making just the slightest positive impact on her life and showing her that with God all things are possible; even when you have nothing; literally. Sometimes we all just need that one person who is going to stick by us through the hard and difficult times to show us that God still cares and He’s there. 

I pray that God continues to work in a might way in her and Keti’s life! 

Here are a few examples of the amazing HAND MADE frames that a man in Titanyen makes (no big machines or anything all done by hand saws!!) and Ketia's nicely done painting and sanding work! 

oops this one didn't get get the idea though ;) 

"I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4"
Could make a nice wedding gift and gives back to support Haitians and single mommies! :)

If you have a heart for helping others and know a little bit about job creation I'd love to connect with you while I'm back in MN. I would love to try to take these frames and create jobs for some of the woman in Titanyen and take it all to the next level. I'm not a business person at all but I'm willing to learn if it can help even just one mom keep and care for her child. If you can help or want to be apart of this in any way please email me at

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