Monday, April 7, 2014

15 days..till MN...just a few of the things I'm gonna miss!!

Today marks 15 days until I head to MN to doing a little different form of mission work stateside!
It's a bittersweet feeling for sure!
Here are just a few snapshots of the things and people 
that I love that I will miss while back in the states for a short time. 
(only a few because pictures take too long to upload!) ;) 

This little ham and her craziness and most of all her hugs and kisses!!

I'm going to miss every single one of these kiddos and their smiling faces and hugs! 

My visits to see this amazingly talented man.
Good thing I got a big order of stuff before I'm leaving!! 

Another amazingly talented man in Titanyen who makes beautiful frames all by hand!! 

Oh how I will miss Keti and Ketia!
Praying that Ketia can provide for her little girl and take good care of her!

Although I don't get to experience this often...I will miss it! 

Of course without a doubt my heart aches at the thought of not being able to see Marie every couple of days! 

Playing soccer with the kiddos in the evens with the amazing sunsets...
every time I play they are amazed that a girl actually knows how to play... ;) 
Everything about these days and these kiddos! 

These two little spit fires and all their sass! 

Oh how I will miss this little buddy (not the dog) ;) and all the JOY he brings into my life! 

The kiddos playing with Beethoven (the dog).
They really do love him and always are asking for him to come out and play!!
This amazing and wonderful woman and all the JOY she brings to my life!!! 
the amazing sunsets and all the fun and laughing that happens on this playground! 

These being kids...oh the belly laughs we have in the afternoons
I am going to miss everything about this place and all the amazing people that enter that purple gate!
Only for a short time and then God willing I will be back with
 a new vision and new tasks to set forth and accomplish!

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