Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One week till a little extended visit to MN

In one week I'll be headed back to MN for a little "extended stay"
It's been a week of making visits and saying goodbye. 

The kids have the week off of school so it's been great being able to hang out with them during the day. 

We had stopped at Marie's and I told her I would be sure to come and see her before I left next week! She was so excited to have this cute little man come and visit her too! You know she just love kids! 

Today when I went to go see Marie she told me she was crying that morning because she thought that I left and I didn't go and see her. :( I told her I will be back again and will see her on Sunday too. 
She was happy to hear that! ;) 

Awhile back I told Ofane that I would be sure to stop by and see him and his goats before I left. The big one is named "Adam" and the little one is named "Teka" for 'Jessica.' ;)

He was so proud to show us his goats. When we got there the goats were off in the distance and it was such a hoot to hear him call his goats...'baaaaa baaaaa' and sure enough the came!! :)

 This picture pretty much sums up our visit. While on the way to Ofane's we stopped by Dieufort's house-- so he too of course wanted to come along! Him and Ofane are like brothers. Always picking on and teasing each other. They like to "fight" over who I and another missionary 'belong to' and then get jealous if the other one talks to us. ;) They were quite funny that afternoon.

Apparently they are expecting to have a party tomorrow up here....Looks like we better start planning something.. ;)
Ofane has his goats and Dieufort has his dog! He made sure that we got a picture of him with his dog and was so excited to show us how he listened to him. I must say I was impressed! ;) 
I'm going to miss this guy. He told me I could only be gone for 15 days. I told him "God knows and I'll pray about it." He said 'I'm praying too and God told me 15 days.' ;) 
If you are going to be in Haiti you have to visit this super cute new boutique!! It is only about 10 minutes past Grace Village on the left hand side(right where the bus is crashed into the wall)!! Make a stop on your way out to the beach! They have super cute stuff from several of the other boutiques in Haiti including Apparent Project and 2nd Story Goods. 

My good friend opened this boutique and I can't wait to see all that God is going to do! I know He has big plans for this place!! 
located in Cabaret right on highway 1 by the Total gas station, behind the large crashed bus! 
So in a week from today I'll be on a plane headed to MN. I would love to connect with you while I'm home and share with you about all that God is doing and possibly ways in which you could help out. I plan on being in MN for about a month or two and then come back to Haiti with a new vision and purpose!! I'm excited and scared all at once about what the next couple months will hold! I know God has something in the works and it's exciting to have everything surrendered to His will but also scary at the same time! :) 

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