Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where is God leading...

I came across this picture the other day when someone posted it on Facebook...

I think I could confidently say this sums up the last 3 months of this journey that I'm on.

If you would have asked me three months ago I would have had my whole life planned out for you and the direction in which I was heading. But as the picture shows.....God's plan has shown to be a little different than I had expected. 

In the last month and a half I have had to deal with some not so fun truths about life and where God is leading me. 

So adoption won't happen for me until I'm 35, even though we had thought it was now 30 with the "new law." So I'll wait on God's timing of it hard and painful as it is. 
God continues to teach me patiences. I guess I need a few more lessons in patience and waiting on His timing. 
Whats a few more years of learning...? :) 

Here I am...arms wide open asking the Lord to lead me and guide me in the direction He wants me to go. 

I've been praying about going home for awhile to seek God's new path for my life. I have big dreams and desires for things I want to do in Haiti, but I don't have all the answers. My heart hurts a little thinking about going back to MN for longer than two weeks, but I also feel that I need to share what God has put on my heart with others and see how to make it a reality here in Haiti. I think it is also a good time on this journey to take some time to reconnect with family, friends, supporters and seek out to raise more support so that I can continue on this amazing and exciting journey here in Haiti. 

I am excited to go back to MN and connect with everyone, but it's also a little scary and sad at the same time to be leaving this place that I love. 
Trusting God in this all and know that He will be with me and be my peace. 

God has big plans for me and Haiti and I'm excited to see where He is going to lead me and which path this journey is going to continue down! 

Stepping out in faith and trusting that God has a perfect plan in His perfect timing! 

Even though this last month has been extremely difficult for me, I know and believe with all my heart that God's hand is in it all and He is planning something great! :) 

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