Monday, March 10, 2014

Middle of a mess

When you feel like your in the middle of a mess...

Sometimes life just feels messy. Everything about it doesn’t seem to be lining up. 

But according to who? Who can decided that everything isn’t lining up in their life? 

For some reason I feel that I have the power to say that life is messy and it’s not lining up, but just because it’s not lining up according to my standards or what I "thought" it was going to be like doesn’t mean it’s not lining up. As a matter of fact it IS lining up and lining up better than I could ever imagine or desire. 

The problem is I just can’t see that yet. I can’t see the big picture as to how it will all line up in the end. Only God knows how the “mess” will line up. My job is to let go of it and trust that God is in control. Trust that He is going to guide me and direct me. Seek Him and His plan for my life and ask Him for wisdom in all things. 

People are going to try to cut me down, say mean things, think I’m crazy for doing what I’m doing, and be unsupportive--we're human. But I’m not on this earth to please them. Maybe they are doing those things because they are dealing with their own struggles. Not mine to judge or to figure out. 

But what I do need to learn to do better is LET IT GO. I need to let it all go and live in the present moment and live joyously! I can’t control anyone else, I can’t fully control my situation or my future, but I can control myself and how I react to it all. Life is short. I want to learn to let it go and be happy even in the “messy” times when things don’t seem to line up how I think they should. 

Surrendering it all to God and trusting with all my heart that God is working and He usually is working the most when we feel like our life is a mess.

I need to readjust my focus and remind myself to look at all the things that GOD IS lining up in my life at the moment! When I take the time to do this I can see that God is definitely working in my life and bringing so many pieces together in ways that I could have never imagined! 

So in the “messy” times when life doesn’t seem to be lining up I pray that I can readjust my focus and remember:

GOD is working! 
GOD is doing amazing things (even in what seems “messy”)! 
GOD is faithful! 
GOD knows the desires of my heart! 
GOD is able to move mountains! 

GOD is ALL things!!

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  1. Love ya, Jess & am so inspired by you & this journey you are on!! Thanks for sharing your heart! :)