Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haitian Artwork!!!

Help support Haitian artist and help me raise funds for my adoption by purchasing some of this awesome artwork!! 

I have many more words such as love, teach, believe, life, live, dream, family, hope, hockey, home, eat, drink, cheers, laugh, blessings, welcome, and memories. Also have larger crosses available too!! Will post pictures soon. 

Let me know if your interested!! 

P.S. Cute little boy and headlamp are not included! ;) 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Break is over...

We have reached the end of your Christmas/New Year/Independence day break...
The kids are finally get back to school tomorrow! It will be a good change in routine for all of us! 
Although we did have a wonderful time and lots of events that happened..

We enjoyed our days hanging out and playing.....

A few new pieces of clothing making them look stunning as always! And believe it or not. When I gave it one girl she was willing and ready to share with all of her 'sisters' and didn't claim it only as hers! They are so great!!

The kitchen staff worked hard in preparing a wonderful meal and desserts for the kids! 
What a treat they were!! 

We made Christmas decorations and were reminded of the real reason for the season.

 We loved taking photos of ourselves in front of our decorated christmas tree! :) 

We prepared for the acting out of the Nativity Scene...costumes and all!! :) 

Received special gifts and treats. 

The boys of course LOVED their new soccer jerseys and you will always see a few of them running around Grace Village with them on everyday!! 

We even had a special visitor come and visit us for Christmas! 
Oak was loved by many that day!! Who couldn't love that adorable little face!! 

 And for the big wonderful meal! The boys really knew how to pile up the food on their plates! It was great treat for them and they all loved it and all of those plates were clean by the time lunch was over!!

Anxiously waiting to dive in!!! 

We finished off the meal with delicious deserts made by our wonderful kitchen staff.

 We spent our nights worshiping the Lord and remembering HIS holy birth! 

Loved our fancy light decorations!! 

 It was hard to get a good photo...but our evening service was amazing. We held it outside on the basketball court and it was filled with about 500 kids! Kids sang, we worshiped, prayed, acting out the nativity scene, gave glory and thanks to God and handed out lots of wooden trucks and trains, soccer balls, babies and baby beds! It was a wonderful evening! 

 The kids spent hours playing with all their new toys!! 

We even fit in two weddings of our staff and had two weddings held at Grace Village!! There was also a day of baptisms!! So much good happening!! 
Congrats to Wesley and Leo and Gerdia and Joseph! May God richly bless your marriages! 

The older kids sang at Wesley and Leo's wedding!

Quality time with Lynoue at the wedding! :) Love this lady..she is simply amazing and has a heart of gold!

Even got to spend Christmas with this amazing guy and enjoy the wedding festivities! (well they are both pretty amazing guys I guess! But only one that I get see on his trips to Haiti..which thankfully happen often!!) 

We ended each day rejoicing in the beauty around us and counting our blessings.
And now we are refreshed and restored and ready to start the New Year off with a bang and continue to serve and love those around us as Jesus has called us to do. 
Wishing a Happy New Year filled with lots of love and blessings all year long!! 
Sending love from Haiti!! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another way to donate to the adoption fund :)

Another way to donate to the adoption fund: 

To make a tax-deductable donation. If you are wanting to do this option please go to the following website: (if you do this option it would be helpful if you were able to inform me of donations so that I can keep track and make sure they are being tracked correctly in their system. Not necessarily but helpful if possible) 

Voice of the Orphan Website info:

Donation Form to assist families with Adoption Costs:
If you use the web forms you can pay by check or credit card.  Our preference is for the eCheck since the fees are the lowest.  Alternately you can mail a check with Burmester, Jessica in the memo line to:
Voice of the Orphan
22 East Washington Street, Suite 600
Indianapolis, IN 46204
God bless you for your generous hearts!