Tuesday, December 22, 2015



So we have been in MN for about 3 days and I feel like we have already fit in so much and done so much that it seems like we've been here a week!! 

Lovinsky is loving every minute of it and apparently he LOVES the cold!! He is sure to tell us that every time he steps outside! I can't say the same. ;) 

We have lots of "firsts" and "ah ha" moments and it just makes me smile! 

We have fit in more hockey games in the last couple days and he LOVES it! He even had a the opportunity to put on a pair of skates today! He learned it's not quite as easy as they make it look and he took a couple pretty good falls. 

On Sunday we went to church at Plymouth Covenant and during worship they played this song "King of My Heart" and it brought me to tears. 

The chorus is what got me and reminded me that HE is good!! He is soooo good!! Everything about this trip so far has reminded me that HE is good! 

I am still amazed that I am really am in MN with my favorite little man!! I mean really!?!?? 

It wasn't an easy road to get here, but HE is our ANCHOR in the waves and 
HE's NEVER going to let us down! 

If you need a reminder of who HE is listen to this song! 

Just a peek into what MN has brought..


GOD is sooooo GOOD!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our growing family...

Understanding HIS purpose....Our growing family….

Sometimes I think about my life and where I am and never would have thought in a million years that I would be where I am today. In July of 2012 when I took that leap of faith and moved to Haiti I claimed the motto, “God doesn’t call the equipped, HE equips the called.” I still don’t think I am equipped to do what I am doing but God continues to work and provide! He is faithful!!

Who would have thought that I would be the momma of two beautiful and amazing Haitian kiddos. That alone fills my heart! I never knew how much I could love these little people in my life! They are the reason God called me here. They fill me up and give me life. They are why I continue everyday to fight for paperwork and justice.

A few weeks ago I got pretty sick and had to have some amazing friends take care of my kiddos; which I was so thankful for! My entire body hurt and I needed rest! By the 2nd day I was thankfully feeling much better. My kiddos were still gone and that’s when it hit me; they are the reason I am here. I felt so alone without them, like a piece of me was missing! I know right sounds like the crazy mom who is too attached to her children! ;) But it wasn’t like that I swear! It just made me realize that this is God’s plan for my life. This is where God has called me to be in this season of life. They are why God chose me to step out on this journey of faith.

It breaks my heart that the both of them even need me. It tears me apart knowing that for whatever reason (which I may never know about) their Haitian mommas couldn’t do it. This is such a broken world and no child should ever have to have a “new mom” but in all this brokenness I am thankful for redemption and God’s grace. By the grace of God these two kiddos now have a momma who loves them more than they will ever know. Who will go to the end of the earth to make sure that they are cared for and loved. I’m their mom and I might be the luckiest mom in the whole world to be given the opportunity to care for these beautiful children.

I don’t know why God chose me but I am thankful He did. I love my little family more than I could ever imagine and I am thankful that God continues to take care of us; in all the little and big ways!

We give thanks to God for granting Lovinsky his Visa so we can visit family and friends in MN this Christmas. Thankful that we were able to get all the paperwork completed for this! This has been years of frustration, paperwork, money, traveling the streets of Port au Prince to get it all done, but we finally did it and it has certainly given me a new sense of HOPE in all of this!

We are beyond thankful for the new blessing of little Lydia Marie in our lives. She is full of joy and happiness all the time! She fits her name well! Lydia was my Grandma’s name and she was a woman of faith and I will forever look up to her and be grateful for the example she was to me. A woman who loved God and never missed a Sunday at church! And after sweet Marie here in Haiti who is also a woman of faith and filled with more joy than anyone I know! Marie reminds me so much of my Grandma Lydia; both spunky woman filled with the joy of the Lord and above all an amazing faith. I pray that sweet little Lydia will follow in their footsteps.

Three people that I love dearly!! 

Lovinksy and I are beyond blessed! He is an amazing big brother who loves her and takes such good care of her! He loves reading to her, singing to her, telling her stories and even willingly feeds her and changes her diapers!


Thank you all for loving us! We love this journey God has us on and are so thankful in the ways that God continues lead us!

My sweet little kiddos and Lydia's first Christmas!! :) 
 These pictures are from the very first day we meet her....my birthday!! She had our hearts from the first time we saw her and held her in our arms!! 

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our life...update in pictures..

Our life update in pictures!! Sometimes the best kinds of updates!! ;) 
God continues to bless in the smallest ways. Isn't it great that He knows our every care, our every worry, our every desire. He continues to take good care of us! 

We had a staff retreat about a month ago! After a morning of listening to a great speaker and getting filled with the spirit we were able to enjoy a day of fun in the sun! 
It was a perfect afternoon! 


                                         These two are like brothers!! They just love each other!! 


Haiti truly is a beautiful place!! 

We've been enjoy lots of time in our eno!
Best purchase in a long time! 

We have a gardner on our hands!!
He currently has TWO tomatoes growing!!

This handsome dude!! 
We have been working like crazy to get his passport done. You wouldn't think it should be that difficult...thing about Haiti....EVERYTHING is difficult!! 
Praying we get that passport in our hands SOON!! 

I cannot begin to tell you how much he has improved with his riding!! We went the other weekend and I was able to watch his entire lesson and he did so great!! He now has gloves AND boots!! What's next!?! Slowly but surely he's starting too look more and more like a little jockey! 

 The first time we went hiking in the mountains and I talked to him about riding a horse he was so scared!! I had to talk him into it like crazy! Now look at him!! 
Man I love this kid!! 
How did I get so lucky to be his momma!?!

Sometimes even I do some riding! One of those things I've always thought looked so awesome and here I am getting to do it in Haiti of all places!

I even learn a thing or two...did you know that when a horse drinks water he sticks his whole mouth and nose in the water! 
SAY WHAT!?! I had no idea! Craziest thing! :)

We even had the chance to attend the wedding of one of our friends who works at the school! All the national staff know "Kiki" (pronounced like Keekee) around campus!! Of course his favorite part of the wedding was when the kissed...not once but twice! ;) 

Some of the amazing people we get to see everyday! 
We couldn't feel more loved or be more blessed!!

This woman is simply amazing and loves Kiki like her own! 
It's good he's got a Haitian momma and 
an American momma to keep him straight! ;) 

Hard to get a picture when 
he's never standing still! ;) 

God is truly good to us! 
We don't deserve it but I am so thankful that He cares for us! 

 If you want to support us on this crazy journey (that will hopefully end one day with a completed adoption!!!) click here to make a one time donation or support us monthly. 

I can't believe it's November!!! 
We have so much to be thankful for!!

Much love from Haiti...
where the weather is always warm if you ever need to come for a visit! ;)

Monday, October 26, 2015

We did it!!

It has been a busy couple of weeks!! 
We finished two big orders with some pretty amazing companies who are also doing good in the world! 

12,000 of these little Christmas tree ornaments are done and on there way to Faithbox!! 

 Lots of tying took place the last couple weeks!! 

This is why we do what we do:

The other day this beautiful girl's mother approached me and said that in order for her daughter to get into college they had to make a payment the next day. I told her I was so sorry to hear that and that I would pray about it. The next day I gave her an envelope with money in it and said this is an advance for the work that I need you to do. She was beyond thankful and told me how her daughter had given up hope and didn't think God would provide and was ready to give up on her dream. She reminded her daughter that God is faithful to those who love Him. 

Thankful that God was able to use Anchored in Hope to provide HOPE for this beautiful and amazing young girl! You are going to do amazing things young lady!

There they are!!
 11 boxes packed full with little Christmas tree ornaments!! 
God is so good!!

These were the main guys behind all of this!! 
So thankful for them and all their hard work!!

We were also able to complete our other big order with our partner Feed My Starving Children!

God is doing great things and we are humbled to be a small piece of the puzzle! 

Do you know of any other stores or companies that wants to purchase wholesale? 
Please contact us

Help us to continue to provide for these amazing men and women!! 


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Sometimes God likes to remind us that He is in control and that He WILL take care of us! 
The best part is His perfect timing. ..Right when we need it most!

I’ve had to let go of a few things in the last couple of weeks and although it was extremely difficult and I questioned God in it all. I had this underlining sense of HOPE that God knows what He’s doing and I have to trust. When I finally released it and my hands were free, God was able to put more things in the palm of my hands. I think God was probably saying, “my child it is about time you released this and trusted in Me!”

So now that my hands were free God gave me more. More than I could have ever imagined or hoped for! Isn’t it the best when God does that!? 

The best part about all of this is all the people that God is going to bless!

Today we partnered with a company called Faithbox. You’ve got to check them out! You basically can sign up to receive a “Faithbox” filled with all sorts of amazing gifts to inspire you. The super awesome thing God did was bring us together with them!!

My dear friend Courtney who visited this summer decided she wanted to “do more” when she got home so she researched and reached out to Faithbox. 
It honestly is truly amazing how God works and brings people together.

So here we are after several weeks of communication and now 

Can you believe it!! We are currently in the process of creating 12,000, yes 12,000 Christmas tree ornaments to fill their boxes!!

This means we have about 40 Haitians who are getting paid! That is twice as many as we usual have working!! 
Who would have thought when we first created Anchored in Hope that this is where God would be taking us!!

God is pretty amazing! 
And we are beyond thankful for all that HE is doing through Anchored in Hope.

Monday, September 7, 2015

When your child is your light..

There's these moments as parents where you really feel like your a rockstar and things are going great and all is well in the world. Then theres those moments where you feel like a complete failure.

I've been on both ends, but this time in the moment of complete failure, my son made me feel like a rockstar again.

I'll admit this past weekend I let my emotions and the realities of Haiti get the best of me. It just seemed to be one of those days where it started off rotten and I didn't do anything to change my own attitude. Then satan of course thought this is a great opportunity to jump in--and he did. While going to the grocery store, being stuck in traffic when its sweltering hot with no AC and then having the car brake down and THEN the wheelchair of my friends son was stolen out of the back of the pick up truck. Really Haiti?! The day pretty much stunk. But thankfully God had has break down right in front of Rebo--which is like a Haiti Starbucks. God knew I needed a pick me up. :)

To be honest through all of this my little man was a rockstar! Even though I was a pill!

We decided to walk up to the grocery store and do our shopping and wait for our ride there. Walking about 3 blocks up hill having to carry a 50lb boy...not the easiest! We made it safely and all was good...in theory but thats when I failed letting all my personal emotions and frustrations and what just happened take over me.

I was a kid and I remember going to the grocery store and always asking for everything!! KIDS DO THIS!! Unfortunately many of the things that I would want to buy for him are just way to expensive that I literally can't. Other things are just not healthy and I'm sorry I'm not buying it. I snapped. I lost it. He lost it and our afternoon was shot.

We were able to move past it but not really. Not until the next day after some self reflection and going to church in Cite Soliel (that always seems to put things into perspective) did I realize I was probably 100% to blame. As we were driving to a friends house because I just had to get out of the house and out of my funk. I looked at him and said you know what buddy I'm really sorry for this weekend and being so crabby and taking it out on you. Without skipping a beat he says, 'Mom it's ok. I'm sorry too for being rude and disrespectful.' What?! Really?! You just said that and I didn't have to prompt you?! All sanity had been restored in my world and we decided to make a change together! It was sincere it, it was honest, it changed us.

"I'm sorry"...those words said when you really are sorry and you want to change and you feel bad for what happened can change the world. It's so easy to just throw those words out there and they are just empty and mean nothing. I've done it and I received it. I'm learning that when I receive that heartfelt "I'm sorry" a weight is truly lifted. But when those empty words come I need to PRAY. I need to lay it down and ask for help.

I am thankful that God has given me a wonderful little man to remind me of the simplest things in life. Things we learn as kids...Thankful he reminds we how to love, apologize and forgive. He blesses me and loves me when I least deserve it. This kid is is pretty amazing with all that life has thrown at him and he continues to love, learn, and choose joy!

When talking this morning I asked him, "Do you really think God is going to take care of us and He's going to provide for us?"

In my wavering faith he confidently says, "Yes mom!" Like I was silly to even ask the question.

Then I said, "Are you sure? Why are you so sure?"

"Yes mom I'm sure because He is God and He can do everything." Amen little man!! Thank you for being my light!

You are right! HE is GOD and HE can do EVERYTHING!! 
I mean look at where we are today!!

God knows our every need and I'm thankful that in His perfect timing His will always prevails!