Saturday, January 17, 2015

Season of Blessings...

Seasons come and go. Some are really hard when we are constantly crying out to the Lord. Others we feel like were just going through life day by day. And some are full of amazing blessings. 

I feel like I am in a season of blessings and am so thankful for each and every one! 
Blessings of making Christmas cookies together!
Even if they didn't turn out. ;) 

Blessings of technology to Facetime at Christmas! 

Blessings of spending Christmas together! 

Blessings of being able to be apart of family Christmas in MN!  
Blessings of grass yards and games with friends!

Blessings of friendships!

Blessings of Legos and creativity of creating "EDH Cars" to bring electricity to people!
Only a child in Haiti... :) 

Blessings of Nerf gun fights with mom! :)

Blessings of game time fun! 

Blessing of fun at the pool! 

Blessings of courage to jump in! ;) 

Blessings of quality time together! 

Blessings of beauty and relaxation! 

Blessings of Haitian meals! No I did not prepare this meal for him! ;) We are blessed with a wonderful Haitian woman who made it for us!
And blessed by friends who blessed us with her! 

Blessings of adventures! 

Blessings of cool air! 

Blessings of  new experiences together! 
Blessings of beautiful mountain views! 

Blessings of horse rides....and bravery to do it alone! :) 

Blessings of being together! 

Blessings of horses and their beauty! 

Blessings of awesome places to explore!

Blessings of peace...

Blessings of love and learning together! 

Blessings of Christmas packages! Reminding me that my home is in MN!
I have a sister who loves me dearly and always reminds me of that! ;) 

Blessings of starting 2015 together!!
Even staying up to watch the ball drop with friends!

We are soaking in every minute of this season and are so thankful for all that God has done and all that He continues to do!