Friday, February 1, 2013

Life has been busy!!

Snapshots and the things that have been taking place at Grace Village lately!!! 
God is good and continues to do wonderful things here!! 
We are blessed and thankful!! 

Welcome to Lovena'a beauty salon...while you get your hair done you also get a Creole lesson!! :)

I have greatly enjoying our new banana leave chairs...although they could use some cushions ;) spending mornings on the porch with my coffee and bible have been a delight! They are also a hot spot for the kids and lots of bonding time with them!!

The boys managed to find some little birds in the tall grass and of course wanted to keep them as pets!! As a kid who wouldn't want that!! As an adult...not so much ;)

We've continued to support people in the community and those in need with feed my starving children food!!

We even had a fun little visit from Oak for a couple nights! :) 

We said good-bye to one of our elderly Atoine. He was a joy and delight and has been greatly missed.  

We had our elderly medical visits and Christmas party! The kids were a great help!
Lovinsky, Marie and Lovena :)

A great day to connect with all of our elderly and love on them! 

Patiently waiting for Dr. Sem to do their check ups! :) 
Patiences is a virtue...especially in Haiti!! 

We even had a little salon going for our elderly who wanted their hair done and lotion rubbed on them! 
So great to see our kids love on our elderly on days like this!! 

She was so happy to have her hair done by the girls!!

We even have some crafty elderly in our program! She was taught how to make this little basket and finished while we waited for the food! 

Who doesn't love Ofane and Dieufort (and Mr. Lindor in the background). These men make me laugh and smile everyday I see them. Both of them have medical complications but continue to press on everyday. 

They had a wonderful lunch made for them!!

They loved it and most had extra's to take home with them! 



This man, Barry, ran 315 miles in 12 days across Haiti to support maternal health and decrease the number of orphans. As he ran through Titanyen we went down and cheered him on!
Check it out at:

We brought all the kids down for support and to cheer him on!!

It still amazes me that he could run all across Haiti!! 

Some of our elderly have been busy making stationary. They use a stamp and then add water colors to make it beautiful!! These will be for sale at the Healing Haiti guesthouse in PAP in the near future! 

We had a visit from Antoine's, our elder who passed away, daughter. She lives on a little island and was not able to make it to the funeral. She came up to say thank you for taking such good care of him and may God bless us richly for loving him and helping her with the funeral. She has 9 children! I think a trip out to the island to see her and her family is in order! :)

The kids have been busy practicing their basketball skills and getting lots of exercise during their playtime!! 

We even a had visit from on old friend! Him and his mom stopped up Sunday. Even though kids are reunited with their families I love it that we still have a relationship with them and can connect with them!! 

One of our elderly coming to church in her new dress!! :) She couldn't come to church before because she didn't have a she does!! 

Meet Elie!! Our newest elder in the program! 
He is just the sweetest little man and loves Jesus!! 

We took a little visit to an orphanage in Cite Solie and spent our time playing with the kids.  

It was a good reminder to see what other children in orphanages live like. 
Our children are extremely blessed! Thank you to all of you for blessing them!! 

Group photo shot of the team with the kids!!

All were hard at working preparing the new guesthouse for the team that was arriving on Monday!! 

Apparently our painter didn't want to use a drop cloth so we were happily scrapping paint off the tile...of the whole house!! :) 

It is a beautiful place filled with God's love where HE is going to be changing lives and breaking hearts for what breaks HIS!! 

We had a wonderful dental team here who spent the week working on our elderly, our children and our staff!! It was a busy busy week but they were great and got so much done!! 
Thank you for serving and volunteering your time!! 
We are very appreciative!! 

They even fixed his chipped front tooth!! 

Brunet, one of our translators, had never been to the hospital and had perfect teeth!! :)

Remember the photo of our elderly making these baskets....As I was driving through Titanyen one day I ran into one of our elderly who had made this basket and was showing her friend how to do it!! 
Loved it!!! 

She's so proud!! And should be!! 

Quality bonding time with our friends!! :)

Things have been so busy here in Haiti but we are so thankful for the craziness and busyness!! God is working and doing amazing things!