Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our life...update in pictures..

Our life update in pictures!! Sometimes the best kinds of updates!! ;) 
God continues to bless in the smallest ways. Isn't it great that He knows our every care, our every worry, our every desire. He continues to take good care of us! 

We had a staff retreat about a month ago! After a morning of listening to a great speaker and getting filled with the spirit we were able to enjoy a day of fun in the sun! 
It was a perfect afternoon! 


                                         These two are like brothers!! They just love each other!! 


Haiti truly is a beautiful place!! 

We've been enjoy lots of time in our eno!
Best purchase in a long time! 

We have a gardner on our hands!!
He currently has TWO tomatoes growing!!

This handsome dude!! 
We have been working like crazy to get his passport done. You wouldn't think it should be that difficult...thing about Haiti....EVERYTHING is difficult!! 
Praying we get that passport in our hands SOON!! 

I cannot begin to tell you how much he has improved with his riding!! We went the other weekend and I was able to watch his entire lesson and he did so great!! He now has gloves AND boots!! What's next!?! Slowly but surely he's starting too look more and more like a little jockey! 

 The first time we went hiking in the mountains and I talked to him about riding a horse he was so scared!! I had to talk him into it like crazy! Now look at him!! 
Man I love this kid!! 
How did I get so lucky to be his momma!?!

Sometimes even I do some riding! One of those things I've always thought looked so awesome and here I am getting to do it in Haiti of all places!

I even learn a thing or two...did you know that when a horse drinks water he sticks his whole mouth and nose in the water! 
SAY WHAT!?! I had no idea! Craziest thing! :)

We even had the chance to attend the wedding of one of our friends who works at the school! All the national staff know "Kiki" (pronounced like Keekee) around campus!! Of course his favorite part of the wedding was when the kissed...not once but twice! ;) 

Some of the amazing people we get to see everyday! 
We couldn't feel more loved or be more blessed!!

This woman is simply amazing and loves Kiki like her own! 
It's good he's got a Haitian momma and 
an American momma to keep him straight! ;) 

Hard to get a picture when 
he's never standing still! ;) 

God is truly good to us! 
We don't deserve it but I am so thankful that He cares for us! 

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I can't believe it's November!!! 
We have so much to be thankful for!!

Much love from Haiti...
where the weather is always warm if you ever need to come for a visit! ;)