Monday, June 29, 2015

Injustice sucks

That's it, thats all I can say. 

Frustrated, confused, heartbroken, angry and asking myself now what. 

Please pray for wisdom, direction and protection. 
Pray for protection for the poor, meek, vulnerable and for justice to prevail. 
Pray for those who take advantage of those who have nothing. 

For now all I can say is injustice sucks. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A birthday to remember..

Chances are if you have interacted with my little guy at all in the last month or so you are sure to know that his birthday is coming up!! He makes it very clear to everyone that on July 21st is his birthday and he will be turning 9! He is so excited about it and talks about it all the time!! I feel like I have a lot of expectations to live up to this year! ;)

Although this might not be what the birth certificate from social services says...I can't break a little boys heart who has been talking about July ever since he came to live with me December!! So we are going to celebrate the birthdate that was given to him at Grace Village! July 21st!!

I would love to make this birthday extra special for him! So if you would like to send him a card or anything I just know that he would love it and it would just make his day!! He is a very loved little man and I want him to know it!! :)

Our mailing address is
3170 Airmans Dr
Fort Pierce, Fl 34946

Thank you for making him feel so special and loved!!

Its amazing the change that places over a couple years!! I always tell him to stop growing!!!! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When you find what he loves...

Summertime is HERE!! 

We are so excited to have a much needed break to hangout and have time to do fun new things! 

Sometimes I think its funny how God works in our lives. I love it that God has entrusted me with this handsome little boy who I love dearly, but who is also completely different from me! 

**He is musically talented....I on the other hand can't even clap my hands in a steady beat! 

**Give me a ball and I'm gonna make something happen....He on the other hand while enjoys sports most times would rather be the coach or cheerleader. :) Maybe once he learns to control those long limbs of his this will change. ;) 

**He is a complete extrovert....I on the other hand am a complete introvert. This gives me much anxiety at times, but can also be quite beneficial. :) 

As a parent I think you learn that no matter what our desires are or what we desire for our kids to be, we have to let them figure it out for themselves and allow them to do the things that they love, not the things that we love. While I would love for him to be an all-star athlete, he may not want to be. So when you find something that they love you go for it. 

I have been trying to get him to do as many different things as possible to explore all of his talents and find out what he loves. We've done basketball camp, music lessons, horseback riding, and will be doing a soccer camp this summer as well! 

So far I think his favorite thing, which is funny because when we first attempted to ride a horse in the countryside of Haiti he was deathly afraid, but now he loves it and wants to do it every week!! 

I have read so much about the benefits of horseback riding and I am thrilled that he enjoys it so much! 

Although it is quite expensive--as are most activities with kids are! I would love to be able to continue to take him every week if not a couple times a week! 

If you would like to help support this and purchase a session or two we would really appreciate it!! 
Each session cost $25.00. 

You could pay through paypal using the email: or make a donation go to: 
Simply type in Jessica Burmester



We are so excited about this opportunity for him!! 

My little Haitian Cowboy!