Saturday, August 2, 2014

you know your back in Haiti when... ;)

So last Wednesday I returned to Haiti! It has been a bittersweet transition but I am filled with JOY to be back in this place I love and to see all the people I love so dearly!

Upon returning I was quickly reminded of my need for patience. I had to wait 1 hour and 45 minutes to get through the immigration line because they only had 2 booths open for "visitors" to pass through! UGH It was torcher!  Thankfully I flew down with my dear friend Katie so I had someone to stand in line with!

I think I had forgot briefly how crazy the roads and drivers are! I was quickly reminded! Pray every time you enter the car! :)

The other night I had to get something out of one of our storage was dark I was using my phone as my flashlight...I grabbed something and before I knew it I was screaming, "aahhh it's a mouse!"  and jumping (even though the mouse had been on the shelf) and trying to run out! Welcome back to this country I love!

This morning we ran out of our jug of culligan water so I headed down the stairs to get another one, not thinking anything of it. We store them in an open area where we also put suitcases when teams come until we can organize the donations. As I went to go move things around to get a jug of water, once again I shrieked. There it was a lovely scorpion! I haven't seen a live one of them in a long time! So I ran upstairs to get the bug killer and spray it. It of course moved and I had to move things around to find it. After spraying it it didn't die, but continued to scurry under everything. As I had to continue to move everything, cringing every time, I finally took a big box of black garbage bags and threw it down as hard as I could on top of it! (Lucky for you I didn't even take a picture! Although I could probably take one of the dead body but I'll spare you!) ;)

I think I've had my fair share of "welcome home" instances and am now settled in and feel at home! :)  You would think after living in Haiti for about 2 years one would get used to the little critters of Haiti life.

Regardless, I am truly blessed and happy to be back serving and loving on the people that God continues to put in my path and I can't wait to see all that He is doing in me and through me.