Monday, February 9, 2015

A look back... :)

So today school was cancelled for us here at QCS and pretty much all of Haiti. I guess you could consider it kind of like a "Haitian Snow Day". Although riots, road blocks, and burning tires aren't quite as peaceful as a snowy day. My understanding is that there is a strike going on in Haiti because of gas prices. The people want lower gas prices so the tap taps and public transportation are going on strike. They also appear to be throwing rocks at other drivers who are out on the road. Needless to say it has been a pretty quiet day around here today. There has been some traffic and thankfully nothing major in our immediate area that I have seen or heard so that is good. We'll see if we have another "Snow Day" tomorrow or not. 

With our extra day off Lovinsky and I decided to look through some old pictures and videos. We were all smiles and laughs as we looked back on the years! 

I am beyond blessed and amazed at all that GOD has done throughout the years! It is still sometimes hard for me to fully grasp the fact that this little boy that I have loved is finally living with me and calling me mom!

This boy still melts my heart everyday!!!

Since we had a little extra time our hands today we did a recreation of the video from a couple years ago. ;)

I've learned so much through the years of waiting but above all God has shown me his FAITHFULNESS. When God is in it and it is part of God's story He will make it all come together in HIS perfect timing!

Such a little ham!! :) 

So thankful that today this is US doing life together!  

If you want to continue to support us on this journey as we figure out what God's next steps for us are we would greatly appreciate. You can support us with your prayers or if you would like to donate financially you can donate at  RCE and just type in Jessica Burmester and it will guide you through.

Please keep us and Haiti in your prayers. 
Happy Monday!