Monday, March 28, 2016

Grandmas are the best!!

A month has passed so I guess it's time to blog about it. :) 

As a single momma of two kiddos, blogging as become a low priority. ;) 

I can't believe it's already been a month since Grandma (AKA "Gran Joy" to Lov.-thats the nickname he gave her because she's always so happy--He's so right! ). 

All I can say is 1 week is NOT long enough!! 

His smile pretty much sums up how happy we all were to have her here!!

Dr. Seuss week at school so she got to hangout in the classroom reading Dr. Seuss books. ;) 
The kids kept asking her when she was coming back to read to them!!

This was the BEST gift she brought down for little miss!!! 
It is her absolute favorite!! She is really start to cruse now!!

Grandma got lots of exercise while she was her! ;) 
She's actually quite competitive...there was no 
"I'm gonna let you win." 
Go hard or go home! :) 

I mean seriously right!??! Grandma and little missy watching big brother play soccer!

The one adventure she wanted to go while she was here was to visit the elderly in Titanyen that she has met in past...I think we have the same heart. :) 
This little jokester!
What a great treat to run into him at Grace Village!!
 Miss him and his spunky self! 

Taking in all the beauty...

And of course....MARIE!!!!! 
oh this woman!!


This picture makes my heart happy!!
We even facetimed with my dad and sister!! ;) 

A stop at the mass grave site...always so sobering. 

Grandma even made it to horseback riding!! 
He was so excited to have her come and watch!!

Even little missy made it on the horse!! 

Then a nice relaxing afternoon at the Clay Cafe! 

The kitchen was Grandma's most visited place! 
Cooking dinners--which Lov noted that she is a much better cook than I am.
I must say I agree! 
A freezer full of meals for us and LOTS of BABY FOOD!! 
Simply Amazing!! 

haha :) The food was a hit! 

nights together...makes me sad now writing this blog a month later. 
come back!

This sums it all up. 

We are truly blessed with an absolutely amazing "Gran Joy"
The days flew by, but every moment of her visit was such a blessing and joy. 
A little girl always needs her momma! 
I only hope I can be as amazing for my little girl someday. (I doubt it but maybe) ;) 

Thank you mom for everything!!

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