Thursday, June 16, 2016

I haven’t shared much lately and maybe that’s because I have felt that all I have been doing is “waiting” 

Brief update: About 3 months ago we submitted paperwork to get Lydia’s passport so that we could apply for a visa and hopefully be granted a visitors visa so all three of us could come to MN this summer….that hope is not dead but it’s a waiting game. I can’t tell you the number of times I was told ‘it should be done tomorrow’ ‘I think we can get it on Wednesday’ ‘Its in verification. It’s almost done’ With every statement I had my hopes up. Hopes that this would be the time. This would be the moment we would have it in hand and can move to the next step. 

This week I found out that her passport had been in the adoption verification process. The problem with that it shouldn’t be in the adoption verification process!! There is no adoption file there for it to be verified with! I am almost positive that this is where her passport has been siting for the last several months. This is not an adoption case, this is a guardianship case and she just needs a Haitian passport and thats it. I was frustrated but also relieved to think that ok maybe this will create movement and we can move forward. I’m holding onto that HOPE that we will get it soon!! Praying that it will be in our hands with in the next week! Will you pray that with us please!! 

After we get the passport we will have to try to get a visa appointment at the US embassy. Please pray that there is an opening right away and we don’t have to wait a long time. Finally pray that she is granted a visitors visa like her big brother so that we can all travel together to MN!! 

That basically sums up the last 3 months of this process with her paperwork…waiting waiting waiting...

So what are we learning here…waiting is hard, in a family we have to make sacrifices for each other, but in the end HIS timing is perfect. 

We have had a few struggles this summer, as doing a summer in Haiti brings on it’s own challenges. Also our bathroom is being redone because of mold, which is a good thing but it has created a crazy week with trying to live in two places and one thats a disaster. We are making the best of it and just thankful for the national workers who are still here on campus helping us out and keeping us company! Once summer hits almost all of the teachers at QCS head out for the summer. So with having limited transportation and the cost of it we are trying to keep ourselves entertained. Overall it has been pretty good. Thankful for other friends who are still here and having playdates to keep us all sane! 

Haiti is difficult place right now. Lots of instability which takes my insecurities and fear to a whole new level which makes me want to take a break and get refreshed with family and friends even more! But I have to BE brave and know that God is going to take care of us and try not to let my mind get the best of me in the dead of night! 

On the bright side we got to have a great visit with Marie! She isn't feel that well lately and has been in a lot of pain from a growth in her mouth so it was blessing to be able to spend time with her! 

We've enjoyed hanging outside with all the staff and eating green mangos! :) 

We enjoyed a day at the pool! 

A trip to the mountains! 

And getting lots of stuff done for Anchored in Hope...planning for Christmas already and coming up with new designs! 

Enjoyed our time with sweet friends before they left. 

Went to a fun restaurant with friends that has a fun climbing wall for the kids! 
Lovinsky surprising loved it and did great!! It's those long arms and legs! ;) 
Who wants to take us to Vertical Endeavors when we finally make it to MN!! 

Lydia gained a love for dogs...

Where are we now….

Perseverance and love…thats whats keeping me going on this journey. The other day while lamenting about all that was going on a dear friend of mine said, ‘your perseverance and love is incredible’ I needed to hear those words. 


Would you continue to pray for us on this journey and that we would all be able to make the trip to MN this summer TOGETHER!! 

So here we are...hand in hand...FAMILY...WAITING on God's perfect timing....

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