Friday, March 31, 2017

Embrace the JOURNEY

So often we have a plan, a destination, an end goal. We often strive and long to get to a certain point that we are so focused on the end, but what about everything that happens from that first step until the end. What about everything in between? What about the JOURNEY?
What about everything that God is bring us through and teaching us about on this JOURNEY....what about all the people that God brings into our lives on this JOURNEY....what about the ways GOD is using our JOURNEY...

I've been on this JOURNEY for a while. Almost 5 years actually. I've struggle through parts of this JOURNEY but I've been filled with more love than I could have ever imagined. There have been days where I have longed for this JOURNEY to be over. But at the same time when I think about this adoption JOURNEY being over, it makes me sad. (Don't get me wrong there is also a huge part of me that is so excited as well!) 

As I reflect back on this JOURNEY and all the lives I have encountered, all the times GOD has been faithful (which has been numerous), all the relationships I've been blessed with, all the things I've learned about myself, and all that GOD is doing--I am thankful for this JOURNEY. I am thankful that GOD has been faithful every step of the way. Thankful that HE is in control of every part of this JOURNEY. 

My life has been forever changed on this adoption JOURNEY, not just because of these two beautiful children but because of this JOURNEY. Because everything that is and will happen from the beginning to the end. 

We all have a JOURNEY. Can I encourage you to EMBRACE that JOURNEY today. Even if it just for today. Embrace the JOURNEY that GOD has called you on whatever yours looks like. 
Take the time to pause and look at the beauty GOD is creating on this JOURNEY of yours. Because it is there, you just might need to take the time to be present and appreciate it. 

Be blessed today. 

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