Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I've never claimed to be a great blogger and have probably said more times that I'm horrible at it actually and lets just say that not making a post for over a year puts me in the "I'm not a blogger" category!

But a lot has happened since I last posted and I've realized over the last couple weeks that this JOURNEY that we are on is not over yet, really is our journey ever over? I have so many thoughts going through my head but I'll try to keep it short and to the point.

We've been in MN and went back to Haiti for a short time in November. We had the best time seeing everyone that we had missed!

Lovinsky loved his first year of school here in MN and has been filling up his evenings with practicing drums and piano and working towards becoming a famous soccer player! ;) We were also able to take a trip to Disneyland!

Lydia is more of a ham than ever! She has become quite the little dancer and loves her pup Murphy! She is filled with lots of sass and spunk but we wouldn't want it any other way!

In December of 2017 right before Christmas we got the best Christmas present ever--the adoption was finally completed in Haiti!! Woohoo!! We added to more official Burmester's to the bunch! Best news ever!!

Now we are currently in the states and working on citizenship for both kids. Because I completed the adoption in Haiti as a Haitian resident they still need to go through the US citizenship process. In all honestly I thought this was going to be the easiest part of this adoption process, but it turns out God still had some things to teach me.

Short version: For about two weeks we were throwing around the idea of moving back to Haiti to complete the citizenship process because it would be quicker and "easier." If I'm being honest the idea of moving back kind of scared me and not knowing when the kids could come back all seemed daunting. As much as I wanted to see our people down there I wanted it to be when all this was over and we would have no issues leaving the country or getting back into the US. I spent many sleepless nights thinking about the necessities I'd have to pack, where we would live, and what we would do.

And can I just tell you it made me turn to God in a way I haven't for awhile (yes not something I'm proud of) and He reminded me almost daily throughout those two weeks that He is faithful and He has been on this JOURNEY with me from the beginning and He wasn't leaving me now and hasn't left me, even though I may have journeyed off the path for awhile. Guys GOD is faithful.

Let me share with you a few reminders God gave me during this little time of uncertainty.... 

I mean could that have been any more fitting!?! 
 These two pictures were taking after a storm and passed through earlier...As I sat on that deck it was the perfect reminder that even through the storms of life God is present and He can make all things work out for His glory and all we need to do is trust and have faith...that little girl standing there is a constant reminder of His goodness and faithfulness....           


Once again...

This verse was my confirmation verse in 8th grade! Who would have thought that way back then that God would use it is such perfect timing when I needed to see it most...although I prefer the NIV version: So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

This has been our journey...walking by FAITH every step of the way and every step of the way He has provided for us. I've seen this sign hundreds of time at my dear friends house but that time it had a more meaning impact! 
And of course it was right after we had just had a big conversation about everything that was happening.
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And finally I came across this article (click here for whole article) about how to find peace...and it all lead back to FAITH.

Key points that got me from the article...

---"One of the ways to do that is to realize that the same circumstances that cause our worry can also build our faith." true! Again this has been our faith has always been a strong part of who I am, but along this journey I have never had more tangible ways to see and experience His faithfulness.

---"The things that I can’t control cause me to worry. So when I put them into God’s hands and I watch what only He can do, that builds my faith. You know what this means? This means that if you’re a great worrier, you can also be a great person of faith. Why? Because you see what to worry about! Worry is an opportunity for faith, because you also can see that you need to trust God with what you can’t control."

---"There is no situation that can come about in your life over which He does not ultimately have control."

---"Now, why doesn’t life always work out the way that I want? Why does God allow evil in this world? There are a thousand questions I have about that. But not one of those questions can take away from me the assurance that God ultimately is in control. I’m not going to allow the fact that I don’t understand many things to keep me from trusting in one thing that I absolutely do understand: God is holding it all together. He is in control." So hard to understand and grasp but He is in control, He is faithful..even through the storms and the hard parts of life. If this is your right now, struggling to see God's goodness, stand firm and I encourage your to reach out to Him in prayer and ask Him to make Himself known to you. Ask Him to show up and have faith that He will work all things out for your good.

---"There is a generous and a loving God who promises to be in your life through the problems, and who many times will solve the problems. But those problems that He doesn’t solve, He will work in the midst of them, until one day He takes us to an eternity where there are no more problems."

                                       And just yesterday this tiny rainbow popped up in the sky...

So here we are today...we have a lawyer working on citizenship for the kids (PRAISE THE LORD!) ...we're starting to build our life here in Minnesota (it hasn't always been an easy transition but we will get there), ANCHORED in HOPE is doing amazing and I am so thankful that we have been able to continue this while being back in MN-I think God's got big plans for AIH!! AHI is a whole other story of God's faithfulness!!  And finally we're trusting and hoping for one day all this paperwork will be done, but when that day comes we will still be on a JOURNEY and we will still trust that HE is faithful through it all.

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