Monday, December 31, 2012

Putting the Puzzle Together!

As I begin this exciting journey of adopting, someone mentioned to me a very special and unique way to get people involved and to raise support! If you would like to contribute to making this adoption possible for a minimal price please see below for more details.

Help Put A Puzzle Together and Change a Life Forever!!

Buy a puzzle piece (or two or three or four..) and be apart of connecting a child who needs so much to someone who is ready to give them all the love and support that they need.

Each puzzle piece is $10.00. When you purchase a puzzle piece your name will be written on the matte of the picture frame. Once all the puzzle pieces are bought and the names are written on the matte it will be a constant reminder of all the wonderful, loving, caring and generous people who helped make this adoption possible! It will be a daily reminder of how blessed and thankful we are for your hearts and loving on us. 

To purchase a puzzle piece and be apart of helping put all the pieces together click on the link below when you reach the purchase page please write your name (message if desired) in the
'special instruction' box:

Thank you for your generosity and helping put all the pieces together!!

Below is the photo that I got made into a puzzle and will hopefully be put together with all of your names on it soon!! 

God bless you for your generous hearts! 

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