Thursday, December 27, 2012

The start of something great!

Family and Friends,
As many of you know God has put Haiti on my heart for many years. Over the years I have fallen in love with the people and the country of Haiti. I am excited to tell you that I am in the process of adopting a child from the country that I love!! I am beyond blessed with all that God is doing in my life and I can’t wait to see what He has in store! I know that with Him all things are possible and as He leads me down this path I know He will provide all that I need!

As I follow God’s path not only for my own life but now also for the life of my son or daughter I ask for your prayers. Please pray that God’s hand would be in this process, that He would prepare my son or daughter’s heart and my heart for what the future holds, that the paperwork and whole adoption process would go smoothly, that He would give me wisdom and guidance in loving and taking care of my child, and that my child would grow up to love and follow Him in all they do.

This is a very exciting time and I am beyond thrilled at what the future holds.

Thank you for following me along on this journey and all your love and support. I know people often think I’m crazy for living life this way (and sometimes I probably am) but when God is at the center of it all it’s amazing how things work out and I continue to trust in that! This is the start of something great!! 

If you would like to donate specifically to the adoption process I will have more information to come and a variety of ways in which you can support making this all possible!
Blessings to you this holiday season and may you have a wonderful New Year!


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