Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back in Haiti

  Well I made it back to Haiti on Wednesday night! It was good to get back to the warm weather! ;) it has been so good to get back and to see all the kiddos and everyone here! The past couple days I have been slowly making the transition back into my life here in Haiti. It has been filled with all kinds of emotions and missing loved ones in MN but also filled with all kinds of joy seeing everyone in Haiti. I am definitely miss all my kiddos ands family and friends back in the states.

It's a weird feeling to leave loved ones but to come back to loved ones here. My heart is for sure in both places but I know in my heart that Haiti is where God is calling me during this season in my life and I love that. It's a great feeling to be so confident in know that I am living in Gods plan. 


There's something about living in Haiti that brings me so much joy. I love the people and the feeling that God is always so present. I will admit that when I was in MN I definitely drifted from my time with God and it made me sad that I could so easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of being back in MN. Which of course happens here too but I feel like here I have to be in constant communication with Him and He feels so much more present to me here. Of course I am surrounded by Him and also 58 kids who love Him and not to mention all the workers. Around here if you ask someone how they are they will usually say 'I am good, by the grace of God' or if you ask them when they will be back or when you will see them again they will respond with whenever they plan to be back but also add God willing. And it's so true. We can go about planning our lives but its really not up to us and its important we remember that.

It's good to be back and to see everyone here; it's sad to leave loved ones behind. It's great to be back in the warm weather; I don't miss the cold at all!! It's good to be reminded that we are not in control of our lives; we have to trust in Him and His plan for our lives. We need to surrender to His will....


                          God bless you! And may we all remember the reason for the season this year!

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