Thursday, September 27, 2012

3 month mark...

3 month mark..
Well it has come to that 3 month mark!! Wow where as the time gone! It definitely doesn’t feel like it has been 3 months! So much has happened but yet I don’t feel like I have been here that long. As we approach this 3 month mark it means we have been in Haiti for 90 days and we now have to leave the country to get our passports stamped to keep up ‘legal’. So tomorrow morning Kathy and I are venturing off to the Dominican Republic!! Sounds like another adventure to me! J  We will be heading to the bus station at about 6:00am and catching the bus that leaves at 8. I’ve heard it’s about an 8-hour bus ride or so depending on traffic; well actually depending on a lot of things it could be a lot longer! Needless to say it will be an adventure! I’m excited for this little excursion and what is in store for us..traveling into the unknown! J  Good thing we got a might God with us! Once we get to Santo Domingo it’s about a 30 min taxi ride to our ‘all-inclusive resort’, so we’ve heard. I feel a little guilty about going to an ‘all-inclusive’ resort when I’m surround by so much poverty; I’m still trying to make sense of it. But on the other hand we are excited to take a little adventure and have some rest and relaxation. We are hoping to find some fun and exciting things to do, but also to have some time to ‘just be’. I know I am going to greatly miss the kids and will be thinking about them and praying for them every night! It will be weird to have 5 days without any little kiddos calling my name or giving me a big hug. L I will be looking forward to returning to those beautiful faces and hugging them all!

So keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next several days and I’ll be sure to post an update when we return.

On a side note we had a container arrive today and it was like Christmas in Haiti in September! I was so blessed to be able to find so many goodies sent to me from my family and friends!! It made my day and made me feel so loved even though I’m so far away! Thank you all for loving me and support me!

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