Friday, September 7, 2012

A Happy Heart

Yesterday made my heart happy…I could probably say that about most days here but yesterday was a special one. Earlier this week there was a team that came and did a craft with the kids. They used ziplock baggies filled them with some treats and pinched the middle together with a clothes pin to make it look like a butterfly and added some paint, antenna’s and eyes. They then attached a little note or drawing for our elderly. What a great idea and it made me so happy that they included the elderly in on the activity.

Yesterday I was able to take 4 girls out with me to deliver some of the butterflies to our elderly. We brought them the butterflies, the girls sang for each of them and then prayed over each of them. The elderly loved it and it was a great experience for the girls too.

I asked the girls afterward to tell me about their experience and how they felt when going out to see our elderly and be in the community.

Blondie said to me the first lady we saw broke her heart to see the way she was living and where she was sleeping.

Yolencia told me the second one we visited touched her heart because when we were singing to her she started singing and when she was singing she was almost crying. She also said that to see where she was living and sleeping broke her heart because a place like that is not a good place to live and not a safe place to live.

Laika was very touched by Jude Jean Paul. She said her heartbreaks for what she saw and how bad he looks just lying there. She also said it really touched her heart when she asked how old he was and Carolle told her he was 20 because he doesn’t look like it and it really breaks her heart.

Sabrina was also touched by Jude Jean Paul and said her heartbreaks for him.  She said when they were asked to come in and see him it was hard to see him lying there.
At one point during our venture out into Titanyen we were able to see Grace Village. I could hear some of the girls talking and pointing at it. It must have been quite the perspective to them to be down in Titanyen surrounded by tarp homes, homes with dirt floors, no running water, dirty old beds to sleep on, and kids running around naked; and too look up on top of the hill and see their beautiful home with cement floors, brick walls, running water, nice, soft, clean beds, and ample amount of clothes. I asked them how it made them feel and if they were more appreciative of their home. They of course all said yes, but also that it breaks their heart to see how the people live in Titanyen.

When we were wrapping up I asked them if there was anything else that they wanted to share and they told me it’s hard and so sad to see people living like that. My heart breaks. And that they would love to help them and would love to go into the community more often to see them and help out.

I talked with them how happy it made my heart to hear them say that they wanted to help and cared for the people of Titanyen. I talked to them about how we are so richly blessed and it is important for us to share that with those around us especially in our community in Titanyen.

I pray that this is the first of many experiences our kids will have as we teach them how important it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and how we can bless others.

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